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Home Remodeling Contractor Serving Poway, CA

Update your Old Poway Home with a Whole Home Remodel

Do you love your current neighborhood but your home is outdated or dysfunctional? The right choice for many homeowners is a whole home remodel. It’s like getting a brand new home without having to move out of the neighborhood you already love. You get a gorgeous new home and you get to stay right where you are at.Whole-House-Remodeling-Contractor

As your families needs change it is often necessary to rework your homes design, floor plan & accessibility. If this describes your families current situation then remodeling your old Poway home may the right move for you.




 Reasons for a home remodel:

  •  Home is completely outdated.
  •  Your family is getting bigger.
  •  Accessibility needs change as you age.
  •  Aging parents will be living with you.
  •  Outdated electrical & plumbing systems.
  • You cannot find another home you want to buy.

Benefits of a whole home remodeling project:

  •  Save time and money by doing all your home improvements at one time.
  • Update old electrical and plumbing systems to current building codes.
  • Open up an outdated floor plan.
  • Add additional living space.
  • Save money by improving the energy efficiency of your home.

How to select a home remodeling contractor:

You want to be certain that you are making the right choice for your home remodeling project.  Here are a few tips:

  • Hire a local, licensed and insured contractor.
  • Ask for references from previous customers, as well as trade references.
  • Be certain that you feel comfortable and have good communication with the contractor.
  • Ask to tour completed projects.

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