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Video: Spray Foam Insulation

Hi, this is Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. We’re doing some spray foam insulation in this old farmhouse right now. As you can see how they spray that on there, and it fills in all the voids. You can see all this foam. They’ll come in here and then they’ll cut all this off, flush to where it’s even, and then the drywall can go back onto it after it’s cured out just enough, it’s probably ready now.

So all that’s up against the roof sheeting. It’s a very good barrier. No mold, no nothing, as far as insulation, all your HVAC system is encapsulated inside of the area that’s heated. So you have basically, what we call to, or refer to as a semi-conditioned attic, because it’s only going to vary maybe three to five or six degrees more than the house at the most.

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