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Video: Structural Framing Problem on Whole House Remodel Part 2

Part 2: Brian Freeman gives a video walkthrough of a serious structural framing problem that was discovered after pulling down the ceiling drywall on this whole house remodel project. We knew we had a structural problem due to almost 2 inches of deflection (sag) in the beams that are over the kitchen so the initial demolition was to discover the actual problem we were dealing with.  We are now working with a structural engineer to come up with a fix. Below is the transcript from the video.


Brian Freeman: Okay, so back at this again, and this is another beam here that is … This is carrying, I’m not certain if that’s a bearing wall that we’re looking at, but it is carrying this part of the stairs right here. So it’s bearing at least on this side of it over here, and it’s coming down on this post. So centered there, they have cut out this section here, they were using this as a chase going down underneath the stairs for the HVAC. You see the hole under the stairs.

So they hogged this out, that top there to allow it to come through, and that joist is just kind of floating there right now. It’s hanging there. We got electrical on this post, the six by six. It’s been notched out going all the way down for a box. These go all the way down to the basement floor. And this side has been chiseled away. This is the back end of this area.

And this is carrying weight. This is sitting on top of this header right here, which is … This header looks like it is a four by six. It’s running there and I’m not seeing … It looks like the cripples have been removed. There’s a cripple maybe … Well there’s no cripples up in there, but it’s sitting on top of that header way back in there.

So then if I go over … Now I’m headed over to the kitchen further. This is another problem, you can see this is the beam that’s sagging. This is the lowest-sagging beam here. And if we walk over to the other side of the kitchen, this is the other bearing point where the exterior wall on the second floor is at. It’s the same situation here. They’ve got each one of these studs … The walls are actually coming down. You can’t see the wall studs on these ones here, but they’re coming down and either sitting on top of the joist, or they’re nailed on the other side.

So there’s no beam here as well, so this whole kitchen area needs a beam going all the way across and it’s going to be just to the left of these can lights. We will put a post in the bathroom wall that will transfer the load down.

And if you turn around, this is the bathroom on the of the side of this wall. This is going to have a beam. It’s going to run right through the ceiling in here. We’re probably going to have to relocate this fan. It’s going to be really close to that and then we’re going to need to do the exact same in this bedroom. That beam’s going to have to run all the way through on this ceiling. So we’ll have to pull the ceiling down and the drywall, in both of these spaces in order to make this happen.

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