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Video: Structural Framing Problem on Whole House Remodel Part 2

Video: Structural Framing Problem on Whole House Remodel Part 2

I’m Brian Freeman and I’m reviewing the necessary work for the structural repairs to this home. We have a beam here that may or may not be a bearing wall, but it definitely carries this part of the stairs, all the way to this post. The previous builders used this section between these posts as a chase to get the HVAC down under the stairs. That hole, under stairs, is where the HVAC used to continue on.

The Basement Sag

There is a joist that’s just kind of floating, as well as some electrical hanging at the top of this post. This six-by-six post has been notched all the way down for a receptacle box, and the other side has been chiseled away. These posts go all the way down to the basement floor.

This beam on these posts carries the weight above all the way to the other side of this room, and then the beam sits on top of this header above a closet. The header appears to be a four-by-six and missing the top cripples as well.

The Kitchen Sag

Over here in the kitchen, you can see that this beam is sagging, which is the lowest out of all the beams. If I walk into the other kitchen, this is the other bearing location where the exterior wall on the second floor sits. We have the same situation here. The walls come down and either sit on top of the joists, or they’re nailed on the other side of that board. Bottom line, there’s no beam here, so this entire kitchen area needs a ceiling beam that carries the weight all the way across into that wall. Inside the wall, we will install a post that will transfer the load down.

The beam must carry the weight through this bathroom and bedroom in the other direction as well. We need to pull the ceiling down and anything that is in the way will need to be relocated in order to install this beam.

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