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Video: Project Update for Custom Metal Building in Ramona CA

Metal Building Project Update:

Here is a project update for a custom metal building we are building in Ramona, CA. The frame & exterior walls of the structure is all steel with wood interior partition walls. Having the steel frame and walls on the exterior of the building is an awesome way to build a structure that is very fire resistant which is ideal in a high wildland fire area like Ramona.

Video Transcription:

Brandon Freeman: Good afternoon, this is Brandon Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. I just wanted to give an update on a metal building project we have going on right now. This is about a two thousand square foot building with four separate rooms. The electrician and plumber are going through the building, completing their work right now.

Brandon Freeman: There’s a couple of processing rooms here for processing of a grove that is onsite. There’s a full bath right here. The shower will be going in soon. Two other areas down further will be used for large equipment. Also, a very functional large covered area out front, so looking forward to seeing this thing completed. Thanks for watching.

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