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1920’s Farmhouse Whole House Remodel Project Update

Whole House Remodel Project Update

Brandon Freeman gives a project update on our 1920’s farmhouse whole house remodel job we have in Escondido!


Brandon: Hey everyone. This is Brandon with Freemans Construction. I’m here at this whole house remodel that we have going on in the Escondido area. We’ve made a lot of progress since the last video, so I want to do a little update with you. You’re looking here at the front of the house. We just finished up all this decorative brickwork. It turned out really good. 

Brandon: Take you back on over here to the left. The garage there is in the middle. The rec room there is all the way on the left. You can see also there’s quite a bit of brickwork on the foundation that wraps around the corner to the entry to that building, so it looks really good. I want to take you inside to show you the progress that’s been made in there. We had a lot of flatwork get done last week, that also turned out really good. Put a large section on the back patio of the house. I’ll show you that here in just a minute.

Brandon: So we’re nearing the end of this project. A lot of little details at the end, but it’s coming together really well. This fireplace also got built last week. There’s going to be a wood mantle that goes on top of that will tie in really well with the flooring and also the exposed beams and Cedar ceiling in here. They did this under cabinet lighting in here, both in this buffet area and also over in another spot in the kitchen. That looks really good, that little area right there. 

Brandon: So the appliances got installed last week. We still got a little bit left to do to finish out the stovetop and the downdraft there, but all Bosch stainless steel appliances. Really nice quality stuff. I’ll take you in here to the master bedroom and bath area. Made some good progress in here as well. So they installed this full-width mirror. It’s about 12 foot wide and so it looks really good in here. These fixtures are mounted directly to the mirror, so those are pretty tedious little projects. You’ve got to make sure you do it just right so you don’t crack that expensive mirror. 

Brandon: This shower enclosure got installed last week. It looks really good. It’s a frame-less unit with half-inch class. Show you here the shower, so that turned out really good. We’re still waiting on one piece from the shower fixture to finish that up. So not far off from pulling up all the paper in here, doing a final cleanup and wrapping this thing up. I’ll take you out on the back patio to show you all the flatwork out there. This will be a really nice area to enjoy the property once it gets finished. So we’ll keep you updated. Probably got about another three to four weeks and this thing we’ll be ready to move in. Thanks for watching.

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