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Installing Underground Plumbing in a Whole House Remodel

Ramona Whole House Remodel Project Update

Whole House Remodel in Ramona, CA

I’m Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here in Ramona at a whole house remodel. I think I’ve shown some pre-demolition video of this project before. The demo has left this house completely gutted out, so every wall and ceiling has been stripped. We saw-cut the slab for the new plumbing and footings for the foundation.

Locating Plumbing Lines

Prior to saw cutting, we hired a locator to come in and mark out where all the existing plumbing lines that we will tie into. Then we camera those lines and map out everything on the slab. Then we can see where we need to cut and connect the plumbing for the new bathrooms.

Snapping Out

We also snap out every wall on the entire slab, which allows us to locate exactly where we need to put the new plumbing. This footing right here, for instance, is not a plumbing line. A new structural wall goes into this house. We’ll put a footing in here and tie it all the way up to the roof sheeting to give us a good lateral diaphragm through the building, which holds it together better.

New Bathrooms

Over here, these are where the new bathrooms are going in. We mapped out the main plumbing trunk line going across this way. Then we located the one line that came across here. Right at this point, we’re going to tie into the existing plumbing. Then we’ll install the two new bathrooms in this location. We basically tore out the existing concrete and dug our trench to get the required quarter inch per foot fall. Once the rough plumbing inspection passes, we’ll fill in the trenching and pour in the concrete.

Master Bath and Bedroom

This area is a new addition to the home. We’re building a new master bathroom along with a closet. Since the septic tank is out back and this addition is on the end of the house, we installed the new plumbing here. Then we trenched out the back and installed a line that runs all the way down to the septic tank. We completed the tie-in at the existing tank.

This ditch has the tie-in for the sewer line that runs into the tank. To establish the proper fall, we expose the tank and then trench our way back, so we get the quarter inch per foot all the way to the new area that we’re building. That’s a significant distance, which requires us to dig with precision, so we can accomplish the proper fall.

The Kitchen

This is the new kitchen area. As you can see, we’ve snapped out the lines so that we know where to put the pipes just like we did for the bathrooms. An island goes here, so we completely opened this up. We mapped out another main trunk line here. So, we saw-cut for that pipe, found that line, and then tied right into it here. We also saw-cut for the plumbing over to this bathroom.

Changing a Bathroom

We relocated the new toilet as well as the sink and the venting. Then another shower that’s over here. It takes a little bit of planning in the front end to make sure we’re digging in the right spot; the locator saves us a lot of work time when he cameras all those lines. The camera allows us to make sure that the plumbing lines have the proper fall and confirms that no problem exists with the original plumbing. If there is, we can dig that up and repair anything that’s necessary, which will save trouble down the road.

Leveling the Foundation

You can also see that we brought this part of the foundation up so everything is on the same level. This section of the house stepped down, so we shored up the roof to re-pour the foundation.

I’ll keep you updated on what’s going on with this project. That’s all for today and I’ll talk to you later.

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