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Bill Freeman Gives a Walk-Through of a New Whole House Remodel Job

Whole House Remodel


Bill Freeman: Good morning. This is Bill Freeman with Freemans Construction. We’re here at a job in Ramona that we’re just getting ready to start today. We’ve got the demolition subcontractor coming in to start pulling things out in this house. We’re going to do a complete interior remodel of this home. I’ll walk you through and just describe a few of the things that we’re going to do.

Bill Freeman: We’re going to actually remove all the baseboard, all the flooring, all the carpet, all the tile throughout the house. This is a dining area. We’re going to actually pull that slider out and put a sliding glass door in that will go completely across that whole back wall. So it’ll open up their backyard. They’ve got a beautiful backyard swimming pool out there that they’ll be able to see. We’re going to open up that opening there so it matches this larger opening here and help tie this dining area together better with the kitchen.

Bill Freeman: The kitchen, we’re going to keep the cabinets, but we are going to refinish them completely and all of the countertops will come out. We will also put all new appliances in. We’ve already pulled out just a little bit of cabinetry here. That’s the opening that’s going to get reworked, so we’re going to shift that down. So that will be a new microwave and countertop on the other side of that refrigerator cabinet that we will still use.

Bill Freeman: In the family room here we’re going to completely redo that fireplace. We will save the fireplace box and that will get raised up to a raised hearth and then we’re going to put some real nice stone and a distressed mantle on the face of this fireplace.

Bill Freeman: So in the back, run quickly back here through the back. So all the bathrooms will get redone. They won’t get reconfigured because everything is actually laid out nice. We’re just going to change all the fixtures and like this bathroom right here, everything completely comes out of here. That will end up being just a shower, not a tub shower. All new vanity, mirrors. And then in this bathroom in here, we are going to save the cabinet and we will refinish that. New countertops, new sinks, new mirrors, new medicine cabinets, and we’ll save the tub in here. It will be an entirely new surround around the tub.

Bill Freeman: Laundry will also be saved as far as the cabinet goes, new countertops, sink and fixtures. And then in the master, this bathroom will get completely gutted out. New cabinets, new countertops. The windows have gone bad so we’re going to reconfigure the windows here and also in the shower. This shower will come completely out and we will actually remove that dam, we’ll have a zero barrier or handicapped shower that will go in there. And then this tub is completely coming out and then a freestanding tub will go there with a spout that comes up out of the floor.

Bill Freeman: So we’ve already walked through here yesterday and kind of laid things out for our demo contractor that should be showing up here anytime to start pulling things apart and we will keep you updated on what’s going on here and show you some of the things as we start tearing into this. As you can see what we’ve kind of laid out here, we still got a little bit more to do so he can come in and get started right away. Have a great day.

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