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Brandon Freeman Gives a Project Update On A Whole House Remodel

Whole House Remodel


Hey everyone. This is Brandon with Freemans Construction. I’m here in Ramona at this home. We just started remodeling last week. All the demo is now completed. I wanted to just do a walk through with you to just to give an update on what’s happening this week and to document some good before and after footage. This is the master bathroom you’re looking at here. This got completely tore out and is getting redone. I’ll take you through the rest of the house. We’re not doing really any structural changes to this home. Mostly just aesthetic changes and some changes to the setup, so it’s a little more functional to the different rooms and areas.

This is a Jack and Jill bath that’s getting redone. Countertop and mirrors are getting replaced in here. This tub shower will get tiled where it just had a kind of a precast enclosure in it before. Take you out here, back into the hallway. This week we will be framing and doing some of the rough plumbing and electrical as well. This area is where that large slider’s going in. This is kind of the biggest structural change to the building. There’s going to be a real large header that’s we just picked up today that’s going to span that opening there. I’ll go into the kitchen here. I’ll back up just a minute. Can you see this?

We talked about it in the demo video, but this archway is going to get widened up to match this archway here in the entry, so it will give this room a much larger open feel. We’ll go through here into the kitchen, the kitchen is getting new countertops. Flooring is going in throughout the entire home. There’s going to be some new cabinets made here and the fireplace is going to be raised up 18 inches and that’s going to get a new face on it. Lots of work and progress to come. We’ll keep you updated. Thanks a lot for watching.

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