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Custom Home in Ramona, CA

Ramona Custom Home Rebuild

Ramona Rebuild Details:

A custom home is being rebuilt in Ramona for a wonderful family! The framing is being done and Bill Freeman gives a project update.

Bill Freeman: Good morning. It’s Bill Freeman, with Freemans Construction. We’re out here on a job off of Black Canyon Road and the framers have just started this morning. They’re standing all the walls on this new home that we’re building. They’ve only been here for a couple hours, maybe three hours, and they’re making it look simple.

Bill Freeman:  So what we do is we go through and we snap and plate everything first. As you can see, that garage wall that’s on the ground, we lay everything out on the floor, snap out, and then they take those plates and then they frame everything on the ground. Then once they get everything all nailed together they tip them up, nail them all together. They make it look simple. Lots of muscle and lots of nails have gone into getting things done this quick. The professionalism that these guys do their work with.

Bill Freeman:  As soon as all the walls get put up, then the plumb and line crew will come in and that’s where they level and plumb all the walls. Make sure everything’s all nice and straight and then the trusses will come up after that and there’ll plywood sheer panel that goes on the wall to structurally tie everything off. Thanks for watching and we’ll be back with some more videos soon. Have a great day.

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