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Custom Home in Ramona, CA

Ramona Custom Home

Custom Home Details:

Bill Freeman is in Ramona giving a progress update on a custom home project going on there! He has all the newest updates on the work going on. 

Bill Freeman: Morning. It’s Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. We’re here on the job off of Black Canyon Road for Jennifer Lane. And they’re loading the trusses today on the house. And they’ll be tipping them all up, which we call stacking a house. And so there’ll be stacking all these trusses. They first load them up, we have a crane on site, they hook them up, you can see what some cables, and then they’ll swing them up and set them upon the house in the proper locations so the stackers can spread them out and then start tipping them all up, blocking them out and backing out everything for the dry wall. All the walls are frame. They have put all those structural shear panels on the exterior walls and any other interior walls that are also structural. They’re doing their layout right now on the walls, so they make sure they get everything in the right location. And they’re getting ready to pick this load of trusses right now.

Bill Freeman: So they’ll take that over and we’ll watch them swing that into place. They may have to reposition the cables to get it to lay flat. It’s kind of a balancing act as far as getting them to go up and then be able to lay them back down flat. When you have these vaulted trusses like this, it’s not always easy to pick out the exact right spot to hook them to get them to lay correctly. So, they’ll reposition. For here, it’s coiled up there on the pole right now. They’ll bring that in and then tie it into the house. And then a new meter will go on there and we can get rid of our generator. Everybody likes to get rid of the generator, because they’re awful noisy. So they’re trying to get it up here again. And so now they got that going up a bit flatter, which will make it much easier to lay it back down on top of the walls.

Bill Freeman: These crane operators are really good. They make it look simple. It’s not as simple as it looks. I’ve been on jobs where we’ve had new crane operators and it can be very dangerous. So once these trusses get put up, they’re all built and stacked in order. So once they set them up, then they can take them down and spread them out and they all go up right in order. They’ll block them out at the ridge and the outside edges, which are called freeze blocks on the outside. And then you have your ridge blocks that go in at the top. They spread them all out, they get them all nailed in place, then they put all the drywall backing in at all the different walls that are running throughout. And then we’ll start hanging the fascia board and putting the sheeting plywood on the roof. And this house should be pretty much framed out by the end of next week, and then all of our subcontractors will start on the inside plumbing, electrical, HVHC and all of our low voltage.

Bill Freeman: I’m going to stay on here, so you can see how these trusses sat down. Those guys are pretty trusting up there with this crane operator. Those guys walk around on top of those walls like they’re on the ground. Most of those plates are three and a half inches wide, and they make it look really easy. Not as easy as it looks, especially when you’re directing traffic and looking around. They’re trying to get that swung over into position so that peak will miss that other wall that’s up in the air. We’ll see. It may not fit in there, but I think they’ll be fine still lowering it down and letting it be sloped up a little bit. They got to get it pulled over this way a little bit more. These trusses here don’t have a tail on them, so they’re a little bit shorter because they just go from wall to wall and there’s a porch. So they’re going to put it right there.

Bill Freeman: Sorry if I got off there a little bit, but I’m watching myself. One of my favorite things I used to do when I was a lot younger was stack the houses like this. So, running around up there on the roof. So we’ll take some more video tomorrow and you’ll see that this roof will be completely stacked out. These guys are really quick putting these up, they really know what they’re doing. All these carpenters make all this stuff look so simple, but they’re very good at what they do. Have a great day and Merry Christmas to you guys. It’s coming soon. Thanks for watching.

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