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Ramona Whole House Remodel

Ramona Remodel

Ramona Remodel Details:

Bill Freeman gives you details on the spray foam insulation, HVAC system, and zero barrier shower that will be used for this whole house remodel!

Bill Freeman: Good morning. It’s Bill Freeman with Freeman Construction. We’re here this morning on a whole house remodel here in Ramona. I wanted to show you what we’re doing for insulation in this building along with a couple other things. We started using this spray foam insulation up in the attics. Some of the benefits of that is that it provides a complete air infiltration barrier where there is no air moving through to the typical fiberglass batt insulation. Most of your heat loss and air loss is out through the roof and so by putting in the spray foam insulation, there’s 10 inches of insulation that is sprayed in there and then it just foams up and fills all the voids and allows no air to penetrate. Another huge benefit is what it does is like … For our HVAC system that is up here in the attic … It’s down here in the hallway.

Bill Freeman: We actually have two of them in this house. Now with this HVAC system that is up in the attic, is now in a conditioned space. Because as you can see, you don’t see any installation at the ceiling level. It’s all up at the top, up against the roof sheeting. That attic is only going to vary in temperature may be two to four degrees in the middle of the summer. That takes a huge load off of your heating system. As you know, if you go up in your attic during the summer, it could be way over 100 degrees, 130, 140 degrees, and now your insulation is right in the middle of that. It not only has to combat that heat but then has to deal with the heat in the house so it makes a huge difference as far as your heating and cooling load. Bill Freeman: Then another thing that I wanted to show you also is these zero barrier shower pans and handicap pans that we call them also. They allow you not to have to step over. If you have somebody that is in a wheelchair or whatever, it makes it easy for them to get in and out of the shower without having to step over. What we do is we actually recess the concrete here. We break it down about two and a half to three inches and then our shower pan gets built down into the floor and then we come up over this lip. Then once our tile gets laid, we lay this tile right here and then once it gets to here, then we just start sloping it right in the shower pan down to the drain.

Bill Freeman: That creates what we call a zero barrier shower which is very popular right now. You’ve got people that are aging in place and we’ll come in and we can change the shower to do this. This is actually a whole house remodel so we actually cut this out and then re- [inaudible 00:02:51] it down and then that makes it really nice as far as being able to access in and out. Those are a couple things I wanted to share with you today and I appreciate you listening to the video. Have a great day.

Freeman’s Construction Inc. has been building custom homes and completing whole house remodeling projects in Ramona and the surrounding areas in San Diego County for over 37 years. To schedule a project consultation please call us today at 760-788-6846 or fill out a request form!

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