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Whole House Remodel in Ramona, CA

Ramona Remodel

School Daze Whole House Remodel in Ramona CA by Freemans Construction Inc

Hi everyone. This is Brandon with Freemans Construction. I’m here in Ramona at this remodel and I wanted to give an update on our job progress.

The Fireplace Area

The drywallers completed all the repair and patchwork for the new additions and changes. Over here you’re looking at the fireplace that I talked about before. We raised that fireplace up about 18 inches to get it off the ground and then we built that hearth in front of it. We are going to install a beautiful mantle with a stain finish. Today we are installing sills on the bottom of all the windows, which will give it a fresh new look.

You can see the large arch area that we widened up here going towards the kitchen. The cabinets are currently in production. Our cabinet guy should install them next week sometime. The painters have been in here and are currently painting all the ceilings and the areas where the new drywall was installed and textured.

The baseboard was delivered yesterday, which will be installed in the bedrooms quickly. This arch that you see behind that slider frame will get a sliding barn door. The painters will finish it to match some of the furniture that our client has in their home, which should make it a real nice touch.

Back of House

Towards the back of the house, all the showers have been hot mopped. A hot mop is a type of waterproofing for tiled showers and tubs. That’s that black pan that you can see there. The tile guys started today. They will install the lath in all the showers so they can start setting the wall tile.

This is the master bath. We’ve made quite a few changes here. We installed these three windows here, which they let a lot lighter in here. The tile work in this shower and freestanding tub area is going to match nicely.

As you can see, we’ve made great progress. Thanks for watching. I’ll keep you updated even more as things progress. Have a wonderful day.

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