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Ramona Custom Home

Ramona Custom Home

Custom Home in Ramona CA by Freemans Construction Inc

Hi everyone. I am Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here in Ramona at this new custom home that we are building. I want to show you the place that we’ve made. Today, the guys are masking off all the windows to finish up the exterior paint. The weather has been raining for about three weeks straight. The paint has been delayed, but that should finish in the next couple days. We installed the garage door last week. Let me take you through the inside.

The Kitchen Finishes

The kitchen countertops and tile contrast in a cool way. The island has a black base with this polished white quartz top. The perimeter cabinets are white and the countertop material there is a black honed granite, so it has a matte finish. I really like how this comes together. The backsplash is this white subway tile. Most backsplashes we install are very consistent, but these tiles alternate between a gloss and matte finish, which reflects differently from different angles and gives it a nice look. The tile should wrap up in about four or five days. This cabinet will be a wine display. The glass front will open to a black and blueish-gray glass backsplash inside. The owners have a vineyard on site, and this will be a fun area to display the wine they enjoy making.

Bedrooms, Laundry, and Bathroom

The decorative tile back by the bedrooms, laundry, and bathroom look fantastic. This type of flooring in the laundry room is becoming more and more popular. The decorative tile brings a lot of style into the home. We used the same kitchen countertop material in the bathrooms. The honed finish just looks really nice. The matte finish is also a little easier to keep clean as opposed to the gloss. The guys completed the shower tile in this guest bath. The tub down below is tough to see with everything covering it up.

Master Bath

Here in the master, the owners elected to use the same floor tile as in the guest bathroom. This floor will probably start today. A freestanding tub will sit underneath this window, which is a spot to take in this beautiful view. Those two vanities turned out nice with that black honed granite. We’re using the same tile in this shower as in the guest bath.

This house is really coming along. The owners picked some great selections, which makes a project fun to build.

The plumbing and electrical fixtures arrive for install next week and shortly thereafter, the main flooring will go in. Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day.

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