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Ramona Custom Home

Ramona Custom Home

Ramona Custom Home Details:

Brandon Freeman gives a project update and walk-through for a custom home in Ramona! A lot of progress is being made which is very exciting for this family!

Brandon Freeman: Hey everyone, this is Brandon Freeman with Freemans construction. I’m here in Ramona at this new custom home that we are making progress on. Want to do a little bit of a video walkthrough with you just to show you, just all the recent progress that’s been made. So the roof started going on last week. All the siding trim started going on today and yesterday. They’ll start hanging the siding next week sometime. All the windows as well went in today and I want to take you through the inside here just to kind of give you a layout of the floor plans. You can see what that’s like. So we’re headed towards the entry right now. This is the front door area.

Brandon Freeman: So as we step in through here, the living room area is off here to our right. Over here to the left is kind of a den, flex space area. We’ll head through here. This is going to be a large living room, fireplace, entertainment center area will be in this spot. Over here to my right is the kitchen dining and kind of a breakfast nook area. There’s all vaulted ceilings in this home. So looks and feels very roomy.

Brandon Freeman: There’s a lot of pop-out bay windows in this floor plan. It gives this house just takes advantage of all the really nice views they have in this valley. So all the rough trades are finishing up here. Plumbing and electrical and HVAC all just have a little bit left to do. The fire sprinklers will start shortly after that and all the low voltage wiring will go in as well. I’ll take you back through here through the hallway. We have a couple a Solatubes that are going to be going into the hallway. So in the entry area that’ll bring in a lot of natural light. Laundry room off here to our left. This is one of the bedrooms.

Brandon Freeman: Back out here into the hallway. This will be the guest bath. Head in here to the master bedroom. So there’s a real large pop out a bay window area here. Again, just to take advantage of all the pretty landscape they have around this place. So there’ll be a real large pocket door that will go in here. All the vanities, cabinets will go here. Over here to my left, there’ll be a soaking tub here, centered on that window. There’ll be a shower right there. Go in here to the walk-in closet.

Brandon Freeman: It’s a little hard to see all the floor plan when it’s just studs. You see right through the walls. Once we get the insulation and drywall, all that it’ll take shape. So this one’s moving along really smoothly. We’re excited about what’s next. So thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day.

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