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Ramona Whole House Remodel

Electric Radiant Floors

Whole House Remodel Details:

Brandon Freeman:  Hey everyone. This is Brandon Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here in Ramona at this whole house remodel that we are making good progress on. I’m in the master bathroom area and wanted to show you a little update of what’s going on in here. The shower is just about finished being titled. That niche there will get finished up today. We’re going to have a shelf that goes right in the middle of there and it’s going to be about an inch and a half thick.

Brandon Freeman:  Also here, this area, this seat is going to get finished out with a quartzite top on it, which will match the countertop here. Cabinets are already in and stained. They turned out beautiful. The biggest thing I wanted to focus on and show you is this floor here. This is something relatively new that we are doing. What this is, is this is radiant floor heating. So how it works is you see this orange plastic slip sheet. That goes on first with some thin set underneath it and this gray wire that you see woven back and forth, that’s the heating element. So that’s what’s going to be heating this floor throughout the entire footprint of it.

Brandon Freeman:  So this is a lot less risky than doing traditional radiant heating with hot water pipes. So as you can see, there’s zero chance of leaks in this, so no reason to pull up the tile and fix anything. Another nice feature with this, there’s a thermostat that’s going to be mounted right there. This thermostat is touchscreen. So what you can do with that, there’s about six different programmable modes that you can hook up to your smart phone and that way it is turned on and ready for you when you get up in the morning. So no more cold floors. That’s it. Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day.

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