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Ramona Whole House Renovation Progress Update

Whole House Renovation

Whole House Renovation Details:

Brandon Freeman: Hey everyone, this is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. We’re here in Ramona at this whole house remodel that we are moving forward with. It’s the last day of 2019. Oh, it’s been a great year for us. Hope you’ve had a wonderful year as well. I want to just do a little bit of a progress update on what’s happened since our last video. So we got a couple of inspections passed today, which is great. We got our exterior lath inspection as well as the drywall nailing and the water service inspection so we can keep moving forward with the next steps. Do a little bit of a walk through with you just to show you all the drywall that got hung inside here.

Brandon Freeman: So this is the entry, as I’ve shown you before in the videos. It got stained over the last week or so since we did the last update. It turned out really nice. This stain is going to match the garage door that they’re putting in. It’s going to be like a wood grain style of garage door, which will give this house a really just sharp custom look from the front. So in the next week or so, the scratch and brown coat’s going to go on the exterior of the house for the stucco. So it’ll take on a whole new look with that.

Brandon Freeman: I’ll take you in here to look at the drywall that got hung. So this floor plan takes a whole new look and perspective once that all gets done. You can see the just large area here for the kitchen and dining room and great room. Take you back in here to the back part of the house, just show you the bedrooms and office area again, a large office area in here. This is a Jack and Jill bath too. It’ll serve both of these bedrooms here. This barrier-free shower we talked about in our last video. I’ll back up here just a bit. There’s going to be a smaller walk-in closet for this bedroom that’ll go right there. We’ll go through the hallway, back into the master.

Brandon Freeman: So this is the master bedroom. You got a beautiful view out of the back here towards the east. Go to the bathroom here. There’s a really large, barrier-free shower in here as well. There’s going to be a large soaking tub centered on this window. They’ll be able to enjoy this beautiful view out of the back, out of their backyard. I’ll show you the large walk-in closet here. We’ve seen it before, but the drywall gives a lot more perspective on how big this is. So that’ll be just a real big benefit to this house. So thanks for watching. We have a home remodeling cost guide that’s on our website if you’re interested in seeing what it takes to actually remodel your home. It’s based on real homes that we’ve done, actual data. So go to the website TFGonline.com. Check it out. Have a happy New Year! Thanks for watching.

Project Progression

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