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Ramona Whole House Renovation

Whole House Renovation

Whole House Renovation in Ramona CA by Freemans Construction Inc

Hey, everyone, this is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction in Ramona. It’s another windy day up here. We are at this whole house remodel, and I wanted to give a little update on our job progress this past week. On the front of the home, you can see that the stucco lath is finished up. The lath was completed yesterday, so the stucco should start here soon. All our windows were installed earlier this week. This beautiful front entry area with the exposed beams was stained this morning. I want to take you inside and show you what’s happening there.

Following the Spray Foam Insulation

Previously we filmed a video that showed the spray foam insulation that we installed in the attic in this house. If you haven’t seen that video, check it out. It’s pretty interesting how this spray foam goes in. The spray foam is all done in the attic and the exterior and interior walls got traditional fiberglass batts installed. This is about a 16-foot-wide slider and was installed recently too. The sliding glass door is going to provide a really nice panoramic view of the property they have here once the pool is completed in the backyard.

The drywall should be starting today. Finishing that up will take two and a half days. Once the finish installation starts, the floor plan begins to take shape and you can really feel what the rooms are going to look like and how the house is going to feel. So, it’s exciting to see everything come together. Thanks for watching and have a wonderful day.

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