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Ramona Whole House Renovation

Whole House Renovation

Ramona Whole House Renovation Details:

Brandon Freeman: Hey, everyone. This is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. We’re here in Ramona. It’s another windy day up here. We are at this whole house remodel that we are moving forward with. I wanted to do just a little bit of a job update with you to show you the progress that’s been made this past week. So, you look here at the front of the home, you can see that the stucco lath got all finished up. That was done yesterday, so that stucco should be following shortly after that. All of our windows went in the earlier part of this week and this front entry area with the exposed beams, that all got stained this morning. Turned out beautiful.

Brandon Freeman: Want to go inside real quick and just show you what’s happening in there. Go through the entry here. So, there was a video that we did earlier on the spray foam insulation that went in this house in the attic. If you hadn’t seen that video, check it out. It’s pretty interesting how this spray foam goes in. So, that’s all done in the attic space. All the exterior walls and interior walls got the traditional fiberglass batts. These large sliders went in too. This is about a 16-foot wide slider. It’s going to provide a really nice panoramic view of their property they have here in the backyard with the pool that’s also going in right now.

Brandon Freeman: So, the drywall should be starting today. They’ll be here for about two and a half days. Get that all finished up. The floor plan begins to take even more shape once all the installation goes in. You can really feel what the rooms are going to be like and how the house is going to feel. So, it’s exciting to see everything come together. Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day. 

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