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Permits and Fees | What Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home?

Permits & Fees for a Custom Home

Hey everyone. Brian Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. Hey, today we’re gonna go through video number three of our custom home building cost guide series. We’re gonna be covering permits and fees for building a custom home in San Diego county. So, first thing is, the numbers we’re gonna go over today, these are gonna be based off of a roughly 2,200 square foot home. So that’s gonna be the living space. That’s not the garage, that’s not the porches. 2,200 square feet of living space. As the homes get bigger, the permits of these they go up, so that’s what the range is gonna be. 

Septic System for a Custom Home

So the other thing that we wanna make sure we’re real clear on is that this is gonna be a home that’s gonna be on a septic system. So there’s gonna be a new septic system installed on this property to service this home. One of the biggest expenses you could have if you’re tying into sewer, city sewer or city water, like where you got a water meter, you’re gonna have to pay those fees on the front end. So you gotta make sure if you’re tied in, if you got a city water meter or city sewer connection, check with the municipality and make sure that you know the fees. Okay, that could be upwards of $15,000 for each of them so you’re talking $30,000 plus. And that’s just gonna get you the sewer connection at the street. That’s also gonna get you a water meter at the street. You’re still gonna have to trench to the house and make that connection to the house. And we’ll cover those costs in the site cost video, which is our actual, our next video number four that we’re gonna be doing. Okay, so these numbers we’ll cover again. For a home on a septic system, the home is roughly 2,200 square feet. Alright, so average cost is gonna be $25,000 on the low end to up $40,000. 

So now let’s go in to actually what is in those numbers. What makes up that $25-40,000?

School Fees for a Custom Home

So the first thing is, you’re gonna have to pay the school fees. And this is gonna vary depending on what school district you’re in. So you need to definitely go to your school district, call them and say, hey, what am I gonna pay. It’s based on the living footage of the home. So we got a 2,200 square foot home, we’re gonna pay based on that number. So typically school fees are ranging on a lowered end of about $3.50 a square foot. And they go upwards of, you might pay $4.50 a square foot. It depends on that district that you’re in. So definitely check on that. So 2,200 square foot home, you’re gonna be a little bit under $3.50 mark, a little bit under $8,000. So roughly eight grand.

Traffic Impact Fees 

The next thing that this also varies depending on which area of San Diego county that you’re in, it’s the traffic impact fees. So anytime you build a new home, they’re gonna charge you traffic impact fees. That can range anywhere from three to $3 to $5,000 and some areas are even higher than that. So there’s areas in Ramona that are in the $3,000 range, and there’s other ones that are about, I think it’s around $4,200. Somewhere in that ballpark. So check on that. That’s the other fee that can hit ya. 

Plan Fees & Building Permit

You’re gonna have plan check fees. So when you actually go down to the county and you submit the plans, you’re gonna pay those initial fees for that submittal. Then there’s gonna be fire mitigation fees, building permit fees, and those covered inspections and things that are happening once that building permit is pulled. The cost that the city has to make those happen. So, those are gonna run roughly about $8, 000 on a 2,200 square foot home. So those items combined, the plan check fee, building permits and also the fire mitigation fees that we just mentioned. So, those are roughly $8,000. Okay. The other one that’s a decent chunk of a fee is the park fees. Those are gonna be about $4,500 so that’s pretty significant. So that’s gonna be just a one-time fee that’s paid when you go to pull your building permit.

Septic System Fees 

Okay, the initial thing would be the septic system. So your septic system, you’re gonna have a septic layout fee and you’re gonna have to pull a permit for the septic system. So once the layout gets approved, then you pull the permit and pay that fee. So those are around $2,500. That does not include if you have to do any additional engineering or any perc tests, if you have a tough system that’s gotta get figured out by an engineer that specializes in a septic system, that’s not included in there.

Percolation Testing & Fees

If you gotta do a perc test, that’s gonna be somewhere, maybe $3,500 range depending on the lot. But a lot of times with the county, you can actually take and get a waiver. Even if your lot doesn’t have percolation data, if they have percolation data on another property that’s surrounding it, they’ll take the worst case scenario on the perc rates for that lot that’s neighboring you, and they’ll allow you to adopt that and they’ll base the size of your septic system off of that. Off that perc rate. So that can save you from having to use that $3,500 to do the engineering and the time, so you just gotta decide which one is the better option for you. 

Custom Home Plan Processing & Fees

Okay, last thing is you’re gonna pay to have plans processed through the county. And get that permit pulled. So a lot of times it’s a massive headache for someone that’s not familiar with the county. So it’s something that we offer as a service to take care of all of that. And that runs anywhere from $500 to probably, it’s typically $500 to a $1,000 but it can get more than that depending on if there’s any issues specific to that particular property. So all in that’s where your $25,000 you’re gonna run off of that 2,200 square foot home. It’s gonna go upwards of $40,000. That one may add up to somewhere around $27,000 or $28,000 exactly. But in that ballpark for where we’re talking. 

How You Can Save Money!

So one thing where you can save money, and this would apply to you if you are looking for ground to build on. You’re trying to buy some land right now. If you have a lot, say you find that had a home on it in the Witch Fire or the Cedar Fire, and it burned down, or there was a structure on it before and it burned in a structure fire. They’re gonna allow you, if you can prove that the park fees were charged and if it was prior to the traffic impact fees being actually a thing, you can get away without paying those. Which can save you a significant amount of money. So you’re talking, what’d we say $4,500 for the park fees, and then you’re anywhere $3 to $5,000 for that traffic impact fee. So a significant savings there if you can find a property that had a home on it prior. The other thing if you had a prior structure, and say the home was 2, 000 square feet or 2,200 square feet, you don’t have to pay school fees on that either. So if the school fees were $3.50 a foot like we were talking, that can save you $8,000 on that front end. So big savings there. 

Next Video

So that is permits and fees for a custom home in San Diego county. We are gonna talk in our next video, number four, about site costs. So we’re gonna go through what’s a septic system cost to install, what’s the average grating costs that happen, what’s is cost to lay asphalt down, what do you do when you have a long driveway now with the law that doesn’t allow you to have a certain square foot of impervious ground added, how do you handle that? What are some other ideas that you can go about as far as savings? What does it cost to draw a well? What’s it cost to put in your ten thousand gallon water tank, booster pump? All of that. There’s a lot to it. We’re gonna cover that in the next video so we will see you in the next video.

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