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Plans and Design | What Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home?

Plans & Design for a Custom Home

Hey everyone. Brian Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. Hey, today we’re going to go through video number two of our custom home building cost guide series. And we’re going to be talking about plans and design.

Most Common Custom Building Question

So this is a super important, super exciting part of the process. Right on the front end and one of the most common question is what does it cost? Okay, well, when you work with a design build contractor, okay, you’re coming to us. You’ve got a basic concept of what you’re wanting in your home, okay. Certain finishes, certain size, you’ve got certain needs for your family. You’re coming to us and you’re going, “Hey, we want to spend about $500 or $600,000 working with you on a budget number from the very beginning. We’re going to enter into what we would call a design agreement or a letter of intent with you to get that home design to meet your budget and built, and get all the specifications selected.

Plans & Design Costs

That process on the front end, is typically about three to five percent of the overall build cost. So let’s just say for instance, we had a $500,000 build cost for your home. That’s going to cost you somewhere between $15,000 to $25,000 okay? There’s a difference in price based on a couple things. First is if you work with a draftsman versus an architect, the draftsman’s going to be a little less money than the architect. Okay. Draftsman might run you 250 a square foot versus an architect might be four or five dollars a square foot. And the prices vary. But that’s just basic numbers. Okay? So that’s one thing. The other thing is we’re going to work with you on the structural engineering during that process. So the home is actually going to be, once it’s designed, we have to take it to a structural engineer and work with them to get the actual structurals figured out. Okay. And if you have a good structural engineer, he can design things that are actually economical to build. So working with your contractor, working with the draftsman and working with the engineer and also the interior designer, based… Knowing what our budget is, we can help you put together a package in the end, that when we send that thing out to bid, numbers come in super, super close to what you are wanting to spend on your project and get you exactly what you want. So that is the costs on the front end of what it costs to do the plans and design.

Time frame for Building a Custom Home

Timeframe wise what you’re looking at, this whole process… you can expedite this and it could take 30 days. Most of the time it’s going to take probably 60 to 90 days. And definitely can take longer depending on the needs of the client and pending on how extensive, how big the home is really. So there’s a variation there. Once the plan and the design are actually done, we’ve done all the bit the pricing that we’re ready to submit to the county or the city, we will actually submit it. And then it’s typically a two to three month timeframe before we get that back with a permit. And then we can actually build. So basic home, 2200 square foot house, that’s going to be a six month build time. Okay. And then you start getting larger, 4,000 square feet keep going up. I mean, you’re a year, you’re going over that. So there’s different timeframes for different jobs. The complexities will extend jobs to some degree, but that’s kind of a rough idea of what that looks like.

Plans & Design

So that’s plans and design. We’re going to go into our third video, which is going to cover the actual permits and fees to kind of give you a rough idea on costs, what that would look like. So we’ll cover that in video number three. And we’ll see it in the next video.

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