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What is Siga Air Tape?

Siga Air Tape Details:

Bill Freeman: Good morning. This is Bill Freeman at Freeman’s Construction. We’re on a job in Ramona, and I wanted to share with you a few products that we just started using on this house and one of the most important things on the house as far as energy efficiency is controlling the airflow in and out of the house. And one of the weakest links on the house is this joint down at the bottom where your wall sits down on the concrete and that air will move under that plate way more than you’d even imagine.

Bill Freeman: The tape that we started to use, it’s called SIGA Fentrim, it’s made in Switzerland, and it’s an air barrier tape. And what we do is put it down here at the bottom, you can see where it is run here, where the door sill is going to go down, but when we do it on the wall if we stick to the concrete here and then this comes up the wall and onto the sheer panel, and then that’s going to seal that joint. If you picture two by four, right on top right here, you can see the airflow that you’re going to get through there.

Bill Freeman: So this tape that basically covers that whole joint and it’s going to completely seal off that joint. Then the tape is made such that it has two tabs that you can pull up, which makes the installation way easier. You peel that off, stick it to the concrete and you can see how sticky it is, sticks on very well. You can’t literally peel this up to get it up. And then once we get done there, then we’ll take and coat this with cement, and then that’ll seal that all up, and it has fiber in here that helps grab and hold that concrete there, that cement coat to we put on.

Bill Freeman: So we’re always looking for better ways that we can improve what we’re doing, and this is one of the things that we’re excited about using to help keep that air infiltration in the house. And it’s one of the biggest things about trying to get a house sealed up and condition the property. You can see we have our insulators here. We’re using that spray foam insulation up in our attics, most of all our homes today, because of the same reason. We’re trying to control that airflow into the house because the air still flows through your bat insulation, but the spray foam insulation is a complete air barrier, so it creates a much more efficient home. Anyway, just another one of the things we’re trying to use and improve the product that we’re producing. Have a great day. Thanks for watching. View our completed custom homes and whole house remodels!

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