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Build Costs | What Does it Cost to Build a Custom Home?

Build Costs for a Custom Home

Hey everyone, Brian Freeman, with Freemans Construction. Hey, today we’re gonna go through video number five of our custom home building cost guide series. We’re gonna be talking about the build cost.

How Do You Come Up with Price Per Square Foot?

So what’s it cost to actually build your home? So, we like to break it into three different parts. The living space, the home, garage space, and the covered porches. They all cost different price per square foot, to build. So when you break it into three different parts, we find it’s the most accurate way to actually project what the ballpark number would be to actually build the home that you’re wanting to build.

Average Costs for Price Per Square Foot 

So, when we go back to living space, right now we’re seeing somewhere in the average costs per square foot, can run anywhere between $185 a square foot to $300 a square foot. Now your $185 a square foot range is gonna be more of an average level of finish, okay? When you get up to the $300 a foot range, it’s gonna be more of your luxury upgraded and it can go much higher than that, but somewhere in that range is where we’re finding a lot of the homes falling today.

The garages, those are gonna be finished garage spaces and they’re gonna have drywall, they’ll have electrical and probably some baseboard in them, and those are gonna run somewhere in the ballpark, about $65 a square foot to $85 a square foot. So that’s the garages.

Now, we’ll go to the covered porches and those are gonna run somewhere in the ballpark of around $90 a square foot to $125 a square foot. And that’ll vary depending on if the actual covered porch has any exposed beams, tails, they have any tongue and groove on the ceiling outside. So varies on how that’s constructed as far as the price per foot there. So, that’s what we’re seeing on average.

What Level of Finishes for Your Custom Home?

Now what we recommend for our, all of our customers that we’re actually building for, is that, you go through homes with us, we’ve actually built that we can show you, and you can see the level of finishes in these homes and that way you can take a look at them and go, “Hey, this is really close to what we’re looking for “as far as finishes in this home right here.” And then we can go back to, our build cost that we had for that house and we can see what the price per square foot was for that home. And then we use that, we take the living space of that home and multiply that by, that price per square foot. And that’s gonna give us a super accurate number as to what it’s gonna cost for your home, on the living space. And we’ll do exactly that for the garage and the porch space as well. So, we’ve found that, that’s a super accurate way to get real close actually, on a ballpark number on the very front-end of your project. So we can start the design process and get to things, moving, with your plans and getting your home built. So, that’s the build cost, price per square foot, build the home, the garage and the covered porches.

Next Video

So, next week we’re gonna be talking about, actually what affects the price per square foot. So, what can we do to control the price per square foot for building the home and then what actually, as far as the design and that level of finishes will really push the price up and the price per square foot. So, we will talk about that in our video next week. And in the meantime, if you wanna get a hold of the, a custom home building cost guide that we have, it’s a copy of it right here. You can actually go to our website, at tfgonline.com, and you can download this right now. So, feel free to do that. It has information on permits & fees, site costs, you can go through the design, it’s gonna cover the what affects price per square foot, like we just talked about, and also it will cover these build costs that we covered in well today. So, that’s it for today. Thank you again for watching and we will look forward to talking to you next week.

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