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Finishing Touches to School Daze Whole House Remodel

Whole House Remodel Project Update

Hi everyone, this is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here in Ramona at this remodel that we are just about finished up with. I wanna show you the progress that is, been made here since the last video that we did. We’re just about wrapped up with this house. So, I’m standing here in the entry as you walk in. We put this 16-foot slider in and open that room way up to the backyard there where the pool is, so it’s gonna be really nice and open feel once this all gets finished up.

This is a barn, custom-made barn door that is just getting finished up. With the finish that’s going on it, it’s going to be hung right there in that archway. So last week, the appliances went in. A lot of finish carpentry got done, all the base, hardware went on the cabinets. Here’s the kitchen. This is a Quartzite Taj Mahal countertop. These are really, really pretty countertops so, here’s the hood. Little herringbone detail in the tile. It’s a nice accent. So just picked up the cabinet glass for these cabinets as they’re going to go in this week. Pan over here, living room area.

So this fireplace, also got redone. When we started this job, the fireplace was on the floor so it got raised up about 18 inches. And then this hearth got built along with the fireplace and that custom-built mantel that turned out beautiful. So let’s turn back around here, I’ll take you through the rest of the house. Fridge, microwave. This archway got opened up, to match the archway that you walk in, as you come through the entry. So we getting the shower enclosures installed today. Appliances will be wrapped up this week.

Carpet is going in at the end of the week and start last minute, last little touch-ups and and final cleanup. So this is, like a guest bathroom. Completely re-did this shower. Custom cabinet, all the flooring went in too last week you can see it, see it here, most of it’s covered up. Just to keep it new. So, mirror’s going in today. Let’s go in here to one of the bedrooms. Jack and Jill bath. Again this will have a full width mirror. Medicine cabinets still have to go in. I’ll show you the shower in here. So the accent on the shower walls matches the back splash.

We’ll head out. Back in the hallway. So repainted all the cabinets in here, new countertops, sink, fixtures. Let’s head on in to the master, I’ll show you what’s going on in here. We did a video on it, but… this floor has that radiant heating. That’s going to be a really nice feature once this is all wrapped up. Nice and warm, in early mornings. So the tub will go in tomorrow. It’s a freestanding tub with a floor-mounted filler. I’d like to do a video on those ’cause there’s a lot of work that goes in to putting those valves in the floor and getting those just right so, maybe we’ll do that on the next one.

So again the banding on this, the wall here, the tile matches the banding in the shower, flip on the light here. That’s all done. We had to, order an extension for that shower trim piece so that will get finished up also this week. This will be kind of a barn door, barn door-style enclosure, match the rest of the house and it’s style. So the countertop in here matches what’s in the kitchen, it’s that Taj Mahal Quartzite. It’s also in the shower there, a little seat. So we’re at the very tail end of this job, like I said we’re just finishing up, the last bit of details with drywall, paint touch-up, and then all of the finishes, so, we’ll do one final video to show you the end product. Thanks of watching, have a wonderful day.

Progress Photos

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