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Modern Ranch Farmhouse Custom Home Project Update

Custom Home Project Update Details:

Hi everyone. This is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here at this new custom home that we are making progress on in Ramona.

I wanted to do a walkthrough with you just to show you what’s been happening here. So today, the guys are masking off all the windows. We’re going to get the exterior of this house finished up as far as painting it. We’ve had about three weeks of almost straight rain, so it’s made it a bit difficult to make progress on that. That’ll be finished up in the next couple of days. The garage door got installed last week. You see it there.

Let’s walk through the house. I want to show you countertops and tile that went in or is going in. We’ve got probably another four or five days of tile work in here. We’ll be wrapped up with that. You step back in the living room here, you can see the kitchen. There’s a lot of contrast in here. Looks really cool.

The island is black as you can see and that countertop is a polished white quartz material and then the cabinets here are white and the countertop material there is a black honed granite, so it has a matte finish. Really like the way it looks. Then we’re doing a white subway tile back splash. What’s different about this back splash, what we normally do, which turned out to be a really nice look is every other tile is a matte finish and then a gloss finish. So it just reflects differently. It looks really nice.

Let’s spin over in here. This is going to be a wine display cabinet. It’s going to be a black and blue and gray glass back splash that’s going in there. This will be a really fun area. There’s a vineyard on site here and they make wine. This’ll be a fun area to display what they really enjoy doing. Let’s go back in here to the bedrooms, laundry room and bathroom area. I want to show you the tile in here. This decorative tile went in, this is the laundry room, for the floor. These are becoming more and more popular. Brings a lot of style into the home.

Also here into the bathroom, same countertop material in the bathrooms as went into the kitchen. I’m becoming more and more of a fan of the honed look. I love that matte finish. It just looks really nice. Looks like it doesn’t show all of the things that can get on it day to day too, if you miss a spot or ever while you’re cleaning, the glossy is a lot harder to keep up.

Shower here is all finished up in this guest bath. There’s a tub down below, can’t see it too well just because everything’s all covered up right now.

Let’s step in here to the master. I’ll show you, here the same floor tile that was going in that you saw in the guest bath is going in here. That’ll probably get started also today. We’re going to have your freestanding tub and as I’ve mentioned in previous videos, underneath this window to take in this beautiful view.

I’ll spin back around here. There’s two vanities back to back here. Again, that black honed granite in these. I’ll show you the shower. Same shower tile as the guest bath.

This house is coming along really nice. I love the selections. They’ve made a lot of fun, a lot of style. Also very crisp and clean look with all the contrast.

Next week we are going to be having, start … All the fixtures are going to be going in as far as plumbing fixtures, electrical fixtures. They’ve already started putting all the plugs and switches in the walls as you can see. Flooring will be coming shortly after that.

Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day.

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