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Calculating School Fees for a Custom Home

School Fees for a Custom Home

Hey, good morning everyone. Hey, today I wanted to talk to you about school fees when you build a custom home. So these are paid, they’re part of the permits and fee costs when you build the custom home. Typically permits or fees are $25,000 to $35,000 on average in San Diego County. So, big chunk of that is the school fees. 

San Diego County School Fees

Just to give you an example, so in Ramona, California right now, the school fees are $3.48 per square foot. This is actually figured off of the living area of the home. So if you have a 2,000 square foot home, you’re gonna multiply that 2,000 times the $3.48. It’s gonna get you up there in the $7,000 to $8,000 range as far as the fees that are paid for that. Sometimes these are called development fees. Depends on what city you’re in or school district you’re in. They will call it different names, but in the end, it’s just really a school fee.

Facts About School Fees 

So a couple things about the school fee. So, if you do an addition that’s 500 square feet or less to your home, you typically do not have to pay the school fees. So anything that exceeds 500, you’re gonna pay the difference on an addition to the home. But if you’re just building a brand new custom home, you’re gonna pay on the living space. So calculate your living space of the home, this doesn’t include the garages, the porches, any of that. Just the area of the living. So it’s 2,000 or 2,500 or 3,000, multiply that times the actual school fee that’s charged for your specific city. Again, in Ramona, California, it’s $3.48, and this is in 2020. They go up all the time. That continues to be a larger market cost as things go on. 

How to Save Money on School Fees

One other trick that if you’re looking to build a custom home and you gotta buy land. If you find a home, or a lot actually, a lot that had a home on it that burned down in one of the Witch Creek or Cedar fires. There was a home on it, say it was 2,000 square feet. The school fees were already paid at one time on that home that was there. So if you’re gonna build a 3,000 square foot home on that property, you’ll only be responsible to pay the additional 1,000 square feet that you’re at in the increase in the size of the home that was there. Which will save you 2,000 square feet of school fees. So that can be a big savings if you’re building a new home and you buy a lot that had a home on it that burnt down. That’s a cool little trick you can do. That also applies to actually park fees and TIF fees as long as all those can be verified. The county will credit those to you and then you don’t have to pay those if you find a lot like that.

Permits & Fees

All right, so hopefully that clarifies school fees. Definitely a large cost in that permits and fees section when you’re building your home. Thanks for watching. Have an excellent rest of your week and we’ll talk again soon. 

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