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Does the City of Poway Require Fire Sprinklers in Accessory Dwelling Units?

Accessory Dwelling Units in Poway, CA

Hey, good afternoon, Brian Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. Hey, if you have a home in Poway, California, and you’re looking to build an accessory dwelling unit or an ADU on your property, one of the common questions that comes up is, do we have to put fire sprinklers in our new ADU? 

Accessory Dwelling Unit Fire Sprinklers in Poway

Now that’s actually based off of your primary dwelling, and also off of the square footage. So the way it works is, if your primary dwelling has fire sprinklers in it already, you automatically have to put fire sprinklers in your new ADU. So that’s pretty simple. Now if your primary dwelling does not have fire sprinklers, then you’re not required to put ’em in the ADU as long as you stay at 1200 square feet or smaller on the square footage of the ADU. Now when you exceed the 1200 square feet, and you can go all the way up to 1500 square feet in Poway, which is pretty cool ’cause you can get a good size ADU at 1500 feet, you are required to install fire sprinklers, even if the primary dwelling does not have ’em. 

Upgrading Your Water Meter

So the other thing you have to do is you actually have to upgrade your water meter, so and that’s not in all cases, but for most homes in Poway, homes that were built a little ways back, you got a three-quarter inch water meter that’s existing, so you’re actually gonna be required to make that a one inch meter and upgrade that and pay a fee to do that. So one of the most recent projects that we’re working on now, that project to upgrade to a one inch meter, was about $1700. So that’s obviously different for each area, so it has to be checked on. 

Recap on Fire Sprinklers for Your ADU in Poway

But that is hopefully helping you and answering your question, do I actually have to put fire sprinklers in the ADU? So to recap, my primary dwelling has sprinklers, you gotta put ’em in the ADU. If your primary dwelling does not have have sprinklers, you have to stay 1200 square feet or under in order to make sure you don’t have to install those fire sprinklers or upgrade that water meter, so all right, I hope that helps. Great talking to you, and have an excellent rest of your day.

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