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Installing a Septic System in Escondido, CA

Septic System for a Custom Home & ADU

Hey, Brian Freeman from Freeman’s Construction. I am out on a project right now, where we’re actually on the very front-end, trying to get the septic layout design. This project’s been a little bit of a challenge as far as getting enough space for this new home to fit on this property. There’s already existing homes. We’re gonna convert one house in ADU, and then the other ones will be the new home. 

Using an Alternative Septic System

So, existing primary’ll be converted with the new house goin’ in. And we’re using an alternative septic over here, so an ATU, and we’re needing to verify the location of an existing water main that is on the property. And in order to do that, we call DigAlert, and DigAlert comes out and actually marks out the property as far as where any of the underground utilities are at through their STTNE. In this particular case, it’s the Ramona Water District, so I’m gonna walk you through here so you can actually see the marks that they’ve done and what we’re trying to figure out, as far as with the setbacks that we need. 

Locating the Water Line for Setback Compliances

All right, so we’re out on the street right here, lookin’ at the corner of this property. Now, you can look down this fence line. This is the property line. And in this location, to the left of this there’s a water main. And what we’re trying to determine is the exact location of that because in order to install this septic system we have to have a 25-foot setback to the edge of the primary septic system or any reserve area from this water line. So, Ramona Water District came out here and they marked out on the street here for us, in blue, where the actual spot is at where the water line is in the ground here. Right here you can see the arrows, showing where it’s at. Got a couple trucks coming through here. It’ll be just a second. So you could look here to actually see the marks where he’s marking this water main on this street here, going across. 

Where Can You Place the Reserve Septic Area?

So, now we’re actually gonna have to walk around this ditch. There’s a waterway right here. So we get to the other side. He’s got another blue marking here, representing the water. You can see in relation to the property line. Then he’s gone through and he’s actually marked out as he goes down this property line. We asked him to mark out all the way down here so we could get an idea of where this line’s at. So, based on that, we have to maintain a 25-foot setback on our property. There’s an existing easement for utilities that’s 15 feet on either side of this property line. So, that’s gonna tell our septic engineer where he can actually place the edge of that primary or the reserve septic area. 

Installing a Septic System 

But that’s a very important step as far as getting’ ahold of DigAlert. If you have any setbacks, make sure from water lines or for your septic systems so you get that thing in the right place and that layout is correct. So, all right, good chatting’ with you and we’ll talk soon. Bye.

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