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New Custom Home Project Update | Escondido, CA

Spanish Ranch | Escondido Custom Home

Hey, everyone. This is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I am here in Escondido on a hot afternoon, trying to stay cool. Wanna give you a little update on a job we’re starting here, just show you what I’m up to today. Let me flip the camera around here, so you can see what’s going on. 

Setting Up Water Tank 

So we are here high above Escondido, kinda above the Safari Park. We’re starting a new job over here. We are gonna be starting grading soon and I’m putting in a temporary line to fill up the water tank we had delivered last week. So, that little house or structure you see down there is a little pump house where the well is at. So I’m gonna be hooking in down there and run a inch-and-a-half pipe all the way there. Just on top of the ground right now, and we’ll bury it eventually once all the grading and road gets cut in.

Off the Grid Custom Home

But let me just show you, kind of where we’re at here. Having to be – keep one eye on the pipe and one eye out for rattlesnakes. ’cause we’re right in the middle of the brush here. I wanna just show you the pad on where the house is gonna end up. So this house, like I said, is way high up in the hills, it’s gonna be completely off the grid. No power up here, so everything’s gonna be solar. So this is 10,000-gallon water tank that we had delivered last week. That’s where we’re hooking up into. We’re gonna fill that so we can have water ready to start grading in the next couple weeks.

Home Location & Beautiful Views 

Let’s walk out this way. You can see where the house is gonna go. The house will sit right here. There was a home here at one point, but it burned down. Not sure which fire, but one of the big fires that we had. But you can take a look at the view, it’s that panoramic view of San Diego. You can see the ocean on a clear day. They’re gonna have a beautiful place up here. You got a healthy well, fill this tank up, and start cutting in the path. We’ll keep you updated, thanks for watching, and have a great day.

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