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Do Maximum Lot Coverage Requirements Apply When Building an ADU in Poway, CA?

Building an Accessory Dwelling Unit in Poway

So, if you’re wanting to build an ADU and you’re in Poway, California, one of the questions that comes up is lot coverage. And if you’re in a common zoning in Poway, which is for residential areas, which has an RRC zoning, so RRC zoning, what that says, it says you can’t have any more than 35 percent of your lot covered by a structure. So non-inhabitable structure like a garage or detached garage or an attached garage with the house. They don’t want any more than 35 percent lot coverage. 

Building an ADU on a 20,000 Square Foot Lot

Now let’s for example say you have a 20,000 square foot lot, and they don’t want you covering any more than 30, I’m sorry, 7,000 square feet of that lot with a structure. Now for an accessory dwelling unit, that does not apply. So as long as we can meet setbacks and any other criteria, you can put a detached or an attached ADU on that property even if you’re at that threshold right now of the 35 percent total lot coverage, you can do it. So what you need to do is get the total square footage of your lot, take the actual total square footage of your detached, non-inhabitable buildings, as well as your home and your attached garage and find out what that square footage is. Divide that out. If you’re at 35 percent, you can still do it. If you’re below it, you can still do it as well. So that’s lot coverage. So hopefully that’ll help answer your question. If lot coverage matters for an extra living unit, it does not, Poway allows you to move forward and do it regardless.

ADU Building Costs & Popular ADU Floor Plans 

So, alright. If you have any more questions about building an ADU in Poway, you can visit our website at tfgonline.com and you can get our accessory dwelling unit building cost guide that we have there. It goes over costs that are common to the ADU’s and actually goes through specific floor plans and what they cost to build. You can also download our popular floor plan, download that we have on our website, that there too. So, all right. Thanks for watching. Have a great rest of your day.

You can also check out all of the videos on our show at realpropertytv.com.

Information on What it Costs to Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit!

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