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Julian Custom Home | ICF (insulated concrete forms) Construction

Building a New Custom Home in Julian, CA

Good morning, it’s Bill Freeman with Freemans Construction. I’m up here on this job in Julian, and we’re just right now ready for the foundation inspection and we’re planning on pouring concrete tomorrow. 

ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) Construction

You can see all the forms set, all the steel in, and we have a wrap, called stucco wrap, it’s a 15 mil plastic for a vapor barrier, so no water will come up through the slab, or around up through the footings. This is an ICF construction, that’s insulated concrete forms. So that’s an eight-inch core with two and five-eighths inches of foam on the inside and the outside. A highly efficient way to build, and as you can see, this is the lower level and we will backfill the walls, waterproof first and drains around the bottom, get all the water out, and then we will backfill everything, and then we’ll go out with another slab at this level here, and then a wood frame structure right over the top and the second floor. 

Julian, CA Custom Home

So we’ll keep you posted on what’s going here, this has got a lot of different types of construction that you don’t see a lot, but this is gonna be a very efficient vacation home. The beautiful area upon Cuyamaca, Julian on the west side of North Peak, just a phenomenal view here. Have a great day, thanks for watching.

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