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Julian Custom Home | Project Update

Building a Custom Home in Julian, CA

Good morning, this is Bill Freeman from Freeman’s Construction. We’re up at Julian on the west side of North Peak starting a new job. Chris Vincent with CV Construction was just here, got this building chalked out, and he’ll be back up here tomorrow or the next day to get started on trenching.

Layout for Custom Home & Setting up Job Site 

I’m gonna show you a couple of things that we’re doing up here right now. You can see this is a split-level house that we’ve got. We have a lower floor with ICF construction, and then there’ll be the second floor up above there. And we have a really steep driveway here so we couldn’t even get a bathroom up here, so we actually had to purchase a bathroom to use. And since we have a septic system here we can actually, I ordered this out with a dump on it just like an RV, so we can use it without having to have a pump truck come out here. We always strap ’em down like this because the high winds blow here, you get back on the job, and then they’re completely blown over and a big mess so. But anyway, got a brand new outhouse sittin’ here,

“Oh, hey, whoa!”

“Oh, no, my gosh! These guys are messin’ with me this mornin’. I had no idea there was anybody in there. That’s Brandon there. I didn’t know when he crawled in there, but he was-“

“Gosh, a guy needs some privacy around here!”

“He tried to scare me, but anyway, I wanna show you this septic tank over here.”

Pumping Water Out of Septic System

He tried to scare me, but anyway, I wanna show you this septic tank over here. Right now we’re pumpin’ the water out of it that’s been in it for a long time. In fact, I’ll shut this generator off here right now, you can see where we’re just running’. It’s all clean water, this thing’s been empty, but it’s rainwater in here now. And this is our plastic tank, it’s got two lids on it. And what we found here is on this line that goes out, it’s a two-compartment tank, the solids go in that side, and then the bacteria eats that up, and the effluent comes over to the other side, and then it comes out right here.

Leach Field for Septic System 

But you can see, if I get down here, you can see the root ball that’s in that leach line right there. So what we’re gonna have to do is we’re gonna have to dig this line up and chase it back and hopefully we get out of, those roots go away, and it hasn’t messed up the leach fields. So we’ll have to check all that out to make sure it’s functioning correctly, and if it’s not, we’ll have to put in some more leach lines, but hopefully that won’t be the case. So anyway, we’re excited about this job. It’s beautiful up here, a great place to come and work, and we’ll be starting Friday, underground plumbing next week, and then we’ll just be moving right on through the trades and gettin’ this thing done. Have a great day.

Information on What it Costs to Build a Custom Home!

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