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Foundation Pour | Bay Park Custom Home Rebuild

Custom Home Rebuild in Bay Park, San Diego

Good morning, everyone. This is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. We are here in Bay Park on Monday morning, just getting ready to pour the foundation today.

Concrete Slab for Foundation Pour

So this is a big milestone for this job. Once we get the foundation poured, we can rock and roll with framing and, all the next steps after that. So, just kind of give you an overview of what’s happening here now. We were out here yesterday, wetting down the foundation, this sand that’s on a finished grade. We do that because we want to keep the moisture level high in that because the concrete, as it cures out, it doesn’t cure out because it necessarily dries, it’s a chemical reaction, in the slab and if the dirt beneath it is too dry it pulls the moisture from the concrete and the concrete cures out too quickly and you end up getting cracks and, it doesn’t clear out the strength that it’s supposed to.

Interior Footings and Eliminating Concrete Cracks

So they’ll start by filling up all the interior footings, all the footings get filled up first, and then they can estimate the amount of yardage that we need to fill in the slab, after that. So this area you see it’s dirt, that’s going to be what draws out that’s what will get filled in at later date, your second floor, that will be sloping in both directions. So once the concrete is all finished here and we’ll get on it and we will make the saw cuts in certain areas. So eliminate the cracking or at least control the cracking, it always wants to crack in the corners so we cut in the corners and try to split it as evenly as possible, and we’ll wash it off, let the concrete cure on that, that seals it again so it seals from the top so the moisture doesn’t disappear from it too quickly. So that cures out into the proper amount of strength that it’s supposed to be. All these orange marks you see on the forms are where all the bolts are gonna go. We’ll put those in once they finish the slab. Those will be bolts that, get, bolt down on all the exterior walls. Turn around here and you can hear the pump running.

Getting Ready for Foundation Pour

So the cement trucks are backed up to the pump. They’ll pump and then they’ll pump the concrete through this hose and we will be making progress soon. So, we will keep you updated and have a video later on as they’re pouring and show you what’s happening next. Have a wonderful day and thank you for watching.

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