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Julian Custom Home | ICF (insulated concrete forms) Construction

Building an ICF Custom Home in Julian, CA

Good morning, it’s Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. We’re up here on this project in Julian. We wanted to give you an update on the progress. As you can see, this wall that is being built here is called an Insulated Concrete Form and they’re manufactured by Fox Block. Let me come up here and I’ll show you a little bit of what we’ve got going in here. 

Preparing Foam Blocks for Concrete Pour

This is a foam block, kind of like a concrete block, except it has foam on each side on the outside and the inside, two and five-eighths inches. And then we pour that solid concrete inside there. Then as you can see, this is a plastic webbing that holds it together, and it’s set up for the re-bar to lay in there, and you can see the re-bar in there. We have the uprights coming out of the bottom, over, out of the foundation and when those come up, and then they’ll also be verticals that continue on up. They haven’t put those in yet because of these blocks still have to go up to about 10 feet high. You can see the whole lower level is below grade. About half of it is below grade. So it makes a great a wall here for retaining and then also for insulating the home.

Making Sure You Are Able to Have a Finished Floor 

You can see the braces that are tied off here. Since the concrete is finished on the inside, it’s gonna be the finished floor. Typically those would anchor on the inside, but since this is gonna be a finished floor, we don’t wanna put any holes in the floor, so all the bracing is set up here on the outside so we keep the inside concrete floor in really good shape. You can see those braces also have a scaffold there. There’ll be a plank that’ll be put across the top right there as they work the block up, and then also when they pour concrete, there’ll be a pump that they pull around the top to fill these cells with concrete.

Forms Used for ICF Construction  

Let me go inside here and you can see what we’ve got. Again, you can see how these forms are, they’re really light. As you can see, I’m picking this one up with one hand, so they’re easy to work with. You gotta really know what you’re doing. They are very user friendly. A lot of people do ’em as owner-builders, but the key is getting these straight, which takes a lot of practice and really knowing what you’re doing, especially in a situation like this, where you have a retaining wall. We have a floor up in the middle here of this, the intermediate floor, which will bolt to these walls, and then everything will be hanging off of that, and then we’ll be going up with a second floor on top.

Building an Energy Efficient Custom Home 

So anyway, just wanted to give you an update on what’s going on here. This is a very highly efficient way to build as far as having an energy-efficient home. You can see the view that this big window is gonna capture right here, and we’re gonna be going up with a second floor on top of this. Have a great day. Thanks for watching.

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