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Slab Foundation | Bay Park Custom Home Rebuild

Custom Home Rebuild in Bay Park, San Diego

Hi everyone, this is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I am here in Bay Park down in San Diego, at this new custom home that we are making progress on. 

Concrete Slab Foundation is All Set

So today was a big milestone for this job. We just finished pouring the foundation. So you’re looking at the completed slab in front of you there. It went really smooth, everything was on time, no hiccups, so it couldn’t ask for a better day no surprises so that’s always good. We just finished saw cutting the slab you see the straight lines kind of evenly spaced throughout the slab that is to help control the cracking so as the concrete cures, it naturally just cracks, so we help it to crack in a straight line rather than all over the place. 

Floor Plan Overview

Just gonna give you a little bit of a sneak peek of how the floor plan is, so you can see these two posts in front of me here. The front door and entry will be right in there. Then you see there, walking through you’re in the kitchen here is in the back part of the house you can see some plumbing sticking up in the slab and electrical conduit. That’s where the island will be for the kitchen. As I mentioned in other videos, this area that isn’t poured yet is the garage. We’re gonna pour that in a few weeks, its a two car garage and then its pass through into the back so that they can get to the existing detached garage back there. 


Getting Ready for Framing and Wall Setup

So from here, we do a lot of cleanup, we got to get all the foam material out of here. We got foam material there, the huge pile of sticks, all kinds of trash, get this area all cleaned out for the framing crew that will come in next week. And it get real exciting then as they start putting up walls you can really start to see the shape of the home and the floor plan, and all that. So its exciting to watch that happen. Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day and we’ll keep you updated on what’s next.

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