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Bay Park Custom Home Rebuild | First Floor Plan Update

Custom Home Walk Through | First Floor Plan

Hi everyone, this is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. We are back down here in Bay Park where the weather is much cooler, so definitely welcome a day to work down here. In Ramona, where our offices are at, it’s about 100 degrees and 70% humidity. Down here it’s 78, so I’ll take this over that any day. But we’ve made a lot of progress here with the framing. I just wanted to show you what’s going on with this, and I’ll do a little walk through in the house, that way you can see how the floor plan is coming together. 

Pass Through Garage | Custom Home Rebuild 

If I’m standing in front of the house here, this is a garage door. As I mentioned in the past videos, this is a pass through garage. You can see that existing garage in the back there, so you’ll be able to drive through. We can pull in and park in this two car garage, and you can pull all the way through and get into the backyard there, and also they can get out any vehicles they got there in that existing detached garage. So let’s head on over here towards the front door. They got all the sheet paneling on the first floor, did all the floor joists the last couple of days and just sheeted the second floor yesterday.

First Floor Plan Walk Through

So we’re walking through the front door here, walk into the living room and dining room area. The stairs to the second floor are over here to the right, we pan this way. Hallway through here, on the right there is downstairs bathroom powder room. Let me navigate through all this bracing, see if I can stay on two feet and do this without tripping. So we’re standing in the dining room here, there’s gonna be a pair of French doors out through this opening, going out into the backyard. Kitchen over here, large pantry. It’s kind of hard to tell, because all of the framing doesn’t really show it too well, but right in the center of the picture there is the opening. Couple of bi-fold doors going in there, like I said, this is the kitchen. So we’re doing all double-hung wood clad windows in this house, it’s gonna give it a lot of character. So, I’m excited to see those go in when those show up.

Back of the Home & HVAC Layout

Let’s head out here into the back, so there’ll be, you can see these brackets that are gonna accept a six by six post, which is gonna support the deck that you’ll get to out of the master bedroom, that’s right above me. Step out here, turn around, so you can see the back of the house. So at this point we start doing a lot of the layouts. One of the first things we do is HVAC layout. With these two stories, you have to do a lot of forethought in how you’re going to do the ventilation through all the floor joists to get in the different rooms. So we were laying out that, as they were going on the joists.

Next Steps for San Diego Custom Home

So next week, once they get the second story walls framed, we’ll start laying out where all the cabinets are gonna go, the style and design of that, where all the electrical rough-ins gonna be, as far as switches and plugs, low voltage wiring, same thing, where all the plugins for those will be. And then we’ll get those trades in here to start roughing in all of, all of all theirs. So they got about another week and a half to two weeks in framing this. Like I said, they’ll do the second story walls, then the trusses will get stacked, and we’ll do the roof sheathing on top of that. And then we can start getting the roof loaded and move forward from there.

Watch for the Next Floor Plan Walk Through!

So we’re well underway here. Things are going really smooth, and we will have more progress to report on soon. Thanks for watching and have a great day. 

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