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How is COVID-19 Affecting Building Permits for San Diego County?

Building Permit Application Process During the Pandemic

Hey everyone, Brian Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. It’s end of August, actually third week in August right now 2020. Wanted to get you an update if you’re thinking about building a custom home, you might be wondering how long it’s actually going to take to get a permit with the county of San Diego, and even if they’re open. 

Is it Business as Usual?

A lot of businesses are shut down right now because of COVID-19, and the county is actually open, they are processing permits, but it’s taking a lot longer than it normally did. It used to be a two to three month process, prior to COVID hitting, now we’re looking and being told anywhere between five to seven months, it’s taking to getting a new home permitted so you can actually start building.

Tips on How to Get it Faster

Definitely increased time frame, and you got to get, the trick is getting your design, your plans, all done as fast as you possibly can. Getting the plans submitted to the county, even if you don’t even have the project completely priced out, or if you still got a lot of selections to make. It makes sense to actually get it submitted so that time frame starts and you can get that much closer to actually building your home at a much sooner time versus dragging it out three months or so on your design and your bidding, and all that it could take. Smart to get it in as fast as you can, there’s not a huge outlay cash-wise as far as the actual plan check fee. It could be less than $5,000 if you get it in there and then it starts the time frame. Once you actually get the permit, typical 22000 square foot house or so, somewhere in that range, size, could take around six months. As you get bigger, it’s obviously going to increase in size. You’re still looking at almost a year, by the time you actually submit your plans to when you’re actually moving into your home, if you move at a really fast pace right now. Get it submitted, you wait a long time, and then you finally are able to build. The interest rates, as little as they are right now, there are a lot of people that are interested in building. 

Let Us know Your Thoughts

If you have more information, or would like more information on the prices to build a custom home, or ADU, remodeling your entire house, you can get all that on our website. You can go to https://www.tfgonline.com and you can download a number of different popular floor plans we have, pricing guides, pretty used pricing guides for the custom homes, and the remodels. All right, I hope that helps everybody get an update on timing for getting a permit in the city or county, and I will look forward to talking again soon, so have a good day.


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