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San Diego Custom Home Rebuild | Framing Floor Plans

Bay Park, San Diego Custom Home Rebuild

Hey everyone, it’s Brandon Freeman with Freemans Construction. We are down here in Bay Park in San Diego. I want to do a bit of a job update with you on this new custom home that we have going on, so let’s take a look.

Rough Trades & Custom Home Walkthrough 

All right, so I am standing here in the dining room, looking back at the kitchen area. You can see where the island has been snapped out. I’ll go through the kitchen layout in just a minute with you, but all of the rough trades have been in here, which is the electrician, a plumber, all the HVAC guys, low voltage will be coming in at the end of this week, and there are fire sprinklers will be going in at the beginning of next week. The electrician just finished up late yesterday, so it’s still a bit of a mess, but we’ll get that cleaned up here soon, but let’s take a look through the house and just show you what’s going on.

Electrical, HVAC & Kitchen Layout

So, as I said, this is the kitchen area. We have the island all laid out right now so that the electrician knows where to put these candle lights that you can see up here in the ceiling, and also the HVAC guys need to know where the hood vent is going, so the center of the eyelid and all of that, so that’s all-important in the layout process. So this is a pantry over here. So as I said, I was standing in the dining room, this is the dining room here, and the living room area over here.

Vents & Beams for a Two-Story Custom Home

Something that you run into with these two stories is the venting, getting all of the plumbing vents out, and also the HVAC vents for the fans in the bathroom. So requires a lot of forethought and just knowing where you can go through because sometimes you run into beams. I’ll back up here and show you. This beam here created a lot, I don’t want to say issues, but just things that we had to think through and be methodical about how we went about it. Also this beam here in the kitchen. You can only put so many holes in these beams and you have to be really specific about where they go as well.

Ensuring Pass on Combination Frame Inspection 

So head in here to one of the bedrooms, this is like a downstairs bedroom or flex space area. So what I’ve been up to recently at this job is kinda going through the framing plans, looking at all of the framing details, and making sure all the straps are in the right spots and holds down all of those things, just to make sure when we go for our combination frame inspection that we pass. 

Framing Floor Plans for Two-Story Custom Home

So let me just show you kinda what that looks like here. We’ll take a look at the plans for this house. Let me scoot them on over in the shade so we can actually see. So let’s take a look at this spot right here because there was, as you can see, this area, it says: 

  • 3 1/2 by 11 7/8, 2.2 PSL beam 

So that is this beam right there and it has certain details that are called out.

  • You can see it says 13 D2. So what that means is page D2 plans, detail number 13. 

So let’s go ahead and flip there, and I’ll show you what that looks like. So you can see here, it’s a shear transfer in the strap detail. So you have the floor, this is your first-floor wall, second-floor wall, and this is the strap. Here you can see those are nails that penetrate the strap to tie each of those walls together. And that’s your wall. So let’s go take a look at that, I’ll show you what that looks like.

Inspecting Beams on a Two-Story Custom Home

So again, as I said, this is that beam, you can see the shear paneling, that’s that green strip. So that goes on the outside of the beam, that’s what runs all the way up the outside of the wall. Let’s go back to the plans, I want to show you what we’re looking for on the second floor when we go up there and take a look. As you can see here there’s two, there’s a little detail there, it’s a four-by-four post there and a four-by-four post there that strap is going to tie on to. It’s going to strap that beam to that four-by-four post that’s on the second floor. We’re looking for an MSTI 26, that’s the name of the strap. So let’s head up the stairs. I’ll show you what we’re looking for.

Plumbing, Electrical, Roofing & Windows

You can get a good idea of what the second floor looks like too, with all of the plumbing and electrical in. The roofers were here a couple of days ago to get all the roof dried in and loaded so we’re ready for our windows now. They’ll be here in a couple of days.

Second Story Exterior Wall Support 

So we’ll head out here on the deck. So basically, this is where that beam runs through. It supports this, the second story exterior wall. So we’re looking at two straps and there they are. So MSTI 26. The other one is as well. So this is good, so this is what I’ve been working on today and a couple of days prior, just making sure all of these details are completed.

Custom Home Rebuild Layout | Bay Park, San Diego

While I’m up here, I’ll take you through the rest of the layout. This is one of the bedrooms here and this is the bathroom that serves these two bedrooms up here. Here is the second additional bedroom. Let’s see if I can zoom in, you should be able to find Mission Bay. Here it is, a beautiful view. It’s finally cleared up down here since all of the fires we’ve had. It has been pretty smoky for a while, but views are back. So we walk through the loft area here. This is the deck. Walking into the master bedroom. This will be a set of 3-0 French doors here that go out onto this deck. Also, the loft has that same setup as well. Head in here to the master bedroom. Alright so, everything’s coming together really smoothly. The guys did a really good job framing this, getting it set up for all of our rough trades. 

Inspecting Transfer Straps

We’ll head back downstairs, I wanna show you one area that I did find this of the details that still needs to be addressed, and it’s exactly why we do it. Not that the guys forgot it, by any means, but the straps are actually there, they may have just not gotten around to it yet, but you can never assume that everything is all good. So let’s look here at 14 D2. So we’ll go to section D2 on the plans. Detail number 14, again, it’s a shear transfer strap, so very similar detail to what we looked at earlier. Here’s the second story floor. First-floor wall, second-floor wall, you can see there’s a strap running all the way down here. It’s a much larger strap. This is to hold down strap per plan, so that’s called out on the plan.

First Floor Framing Plan | Custom Home Rebuild 

So let’s go back to our first-floor framing plan and look at what we’re looking for. So that says MSTI 48. And again, you can see these posts here, these are four-by-four posts, one there and one there, and then we have the same exact post on the second floor. You see one there and one there, and they’re called out, it’s a four-by-four. So I’ll show you what that looks like on the wall. So right here, you can see there’s a four-by-four post acting as the king stud on that window, and also here as well. So if we go outside, there should be a strap on the outside of the wall. I’m not gonna go upstairs again, but if we go up in the same spot, there’s another four-by-four post right on the other, on the top of that floor. 

So let’s go outside here, take a look, and there are our straps. So they’re not up on the building yet, that’s something that we obviously wanna get taken care of before we call for an inspection. But obviously, the guys did not forget about it, they’re laying right there, so we’ll get that finished and a few other little details, and we will be really close to calling for our combination frame once we get fire sprinklers in here, and also our low voltage, all that wire run. 

Next Steps for Bay Park Custom Home Rebuild 

So we’re moving along good here as I said, windows are coming in next week, and once we get that inspection, we can move forward with the installation and then drywall shortly after that. So thanks for watching, have a wonderful week, and we will see you next time.

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