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Grading Day 1 | Poway Custom Home

Poway Custom Home | Grading

Grading Day 1: Poway Custom Home

Today, we broke ground for the grading, so they are hard at work with the dozer, and keeping this place nice and wet. So we can get it all dug out between today and tomorrow. They’ll get it all dug out, which is basically just an over excavation back of this area. When they do this what they’ll do is dig three feet down, for the footprint of the structures here, and then recompact it as they go back up. 

Building a Custom Home & ADU

So what we’re doing here is building a custom home and an accessory dwelling unit.

  • Custom Home: 2,800 square feet
  • Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU): 800 square feet

The home and ADU will be side by side. The house will be first and then the ADU will be closer to the eucalyptus trees. 

Next Steps for this Poway Custom Home

We have about four days of grading here, and then we have about a week to a week and a half of getting all the utility soaked in, which is the water, sewer, etc. Also, we have to take down this vinyl picket fence and in certain areas there’s a couple of driveway approaches that have to get poured. We have to put a construction entrance in right here, so that will go in between tomorrow and then all this week and part of next. And then on the weekend we can start the foundation shortly after that.

Poway Custom Home 

We’re excited about this new project. It’s going to be a good project for us. We can do these two structures at one time. It’s always a good plan to do it at the same time. It’s more cost effective that way we don’t have to have subs and trades making two separate trips plus you get everything done right then. All right, well thanks for watching. We’ll keep you updated as this job progresses. Have a wonderful day.

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