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How We Can Help You Buy Land | San Diego County

Real Estate Agent vs. Freeman's Construction Inc

If you’re on the very front end of building a custom home, one of the things you may be doing is looking for land to build on. If that’s you, you may have found that finding a real estate agent or real estate broker that is well versed in land that understands land, the value of land, what it takes to develop that land it’s difficult to do. So selling a house is one thing but buying a land is totally different.

Do We Help People Find and Buy Land? 

We don’t even know going in when you look at a piece of land if it’s even buildable, can you get it through the County of San Diego and actually develop that lot? It’s a super important question. And one of the questions that we get from a lot of people that call us is do you help people buy land? And the short answer is absolutely yes we do. I’m a licensed real estate broker. My dad, Bill is a licensed real estate agent. My dad has been building houses for over 40 years. I’ve been doing this for over 20 years. So we’ve taken raw dirt and gone from the very beginning stages to a completed house through every step of the way. So we understand the process of what it takes to get the land bought, and get the house built.

Possible Site Costs | Buying Land 

So what that means to you is if you’re needing help to find land, we’re able to work with you from the very beginning and evaluate the value of that property as to what it’s actually worth. So what I mean by that is there’s a ton of development costs going into getting a raw piece of dirt ready to build on. Some possible utilities and other costs you would have to worry about is:

  • Well
  • Power
  • City Water 
  • Possible Sewer to be Septic Against the Septic Layout Approval
  • Grading
  • All the Underground that Goes Along for Your Piping 
  • Road Improvements 
  • Do you meet criteria for the County of San Diego for fire? 
  • Do you meet criteria for the impervious requirements that the state has now?

Site Costs to Prepare Land for Building a Custom Home 

There’s a ton of all these costs and things that have to be looked at on the very front end when you’re buying a land. They add up to a certain amount of money. They could be $75,000 – $150,000. There’s a ton of variance in the costs. So in order to pay the right amount of money for this land that you’re going to buy, you have to reverse engineer it and look at what the cost to develop property is before you can come up with a real value in which you pay for this lot. So that’s what we specialize in doing is working with our clients that are looking for that piece of dirt either to buy and hold the land now, to build on later or they want to actually buy and build now we help both types of clients, but to help them do that evaluation on the lot to make sure that they’re going to get something that’s of value to them in the future.

Buying Land that Had a Home Burn in a Fire 

If you want more information on the bill and what it would actually take to find some land and how we can help you do that, feel free to review our website. We have a ton of information on site costs, permits and fees, what it costs to build and what you can actually build to stay within your budget and some of the best buys you can get on land today. We explained that in there but what I’m actually talking about is do you have land that’s out there or there was a house on it that burnt in a fire say the Witch Fire or the Cedar Fire. Those lots have a lot of the infrastructure already there to build a house because there was one there before. So all the utilities, the driveway and the pad is in there for the grading you’d have to do. So you can make a good buy on a piece of land that has a lot of infrastructure already there. And that’s a lot of times of excellent, excellent value.

How We Can Help You Buy Land | San Diego County

I hope that will help in possibly your search for land and if you would like any more information, please feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be happy to talk to you further! Have a great rest of your week.

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