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Poway Custom Home & ADU | Foundation Pour | San Diego County

Pouring the Foundation for a Custom Home & ADU

Good morning everyone. This is Brandon Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. Today’s an exciting day here on this job in Poway. We are pouring the foundation on this brand new custom home and ADU. So I just wanted to kinda show you what’s going on here, show you the process.

Why You Need a Boom Pump for Foundation?  

So let’s take a look. We are well underway with this pour here. The guys got here about 6:00 AM. They got started and prepped for the concrete showing up. So we have the boom pump here from A-1 Concrete Pumping. This makes this process much quicker, much smoother for the guys so they don’t have to try to back the cement trucks up around these slabs made for them. So there’s about 14 guys here working together making this look easy. 

Pouring the Foundation | Two Separate Pours 

So this boom truck, I’m not sure the total distance they can span, but he’s probably about 75 feet away from where he’s planted there to where they’re at working and pouring the building. I think this is truck number five that we’re on. We have 14 trucks showing up today to pour this foundation. This’ll be two separate pours. This area that you’re looking at here is that step down section that I’ve talked about in previous videos. That’ll get poured on our second pour, and also a few pier footings for the front patio porch area, which is just on the other side of this stem wall. 

Progress on Foundation Pour 

So what we do is pour all of the footings first, and then they start working their way over the slab, and the finishers come after those guys and they’ll come and start finishing. Which they’ve already finished in this area. This is a master bedroom and laundry area. Right now they’re working on the living room area. That’s the kitchen and dining room over in that far corner. So we probably have about another 2 1/2 hours or so putting concrete down. And then the finishers will be here for a few more hours. Then the guys will start footing forms and cleaning up. 

Poway Custom Home & ADU Foundation Pour 

It’ll be a full day for them. Lots of hard work, but this is a really important part of the process. Everything starts in the foundation. So important that all gets done right. So thanks for watching. We’ll keep you updated. And have a wonderful day. 

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