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Poway Custom Home & ADU | Grading Day 2

Grading Day 2: Poway Custom Home & ADU

Hi everyone, this is Brandon Freeman, with Freeman’s Construction. We are here in Poway, on day two of grading with the new custom home and accessory dwelling unit, that we’re gonna be building down here.

Inspection and Approval for Dig Out | Grading  

So as you can see they got all the dig out done and all of the dirt piled up here around the footprint of the house and dug down three feet. We did an inspection on the bottom, and then we did the approval to move forward and fill it back in. That’s what they’re doing right now.

Custom Home & ADU Footprint 

Greg, with Four G Grading is out here. They do a phenomenal job for us on the grading of these lots. So we’ll zoom in here and take a look. This larger area we’re looking at, that’s closest to me, that will be the footprint of the house. Where Greg is working out over there, you can see another area that will be filled in, that is where the ADU will be formed. So right next to each other, as I mentioned in the previous video. We’re about 12 o’clock so we’ve been working for about five hours today and another three hours or so they all have this place almost filled all the way back in looking much more like a house pad.

Split Level Poway Custom Home 

So this is a split level house because of the gradual slope on this lot. The City of Poway did not want us moving a certain amount of dirt, so this house will be a split level. Part of it will be stepped down rather than be a single level all the way across. They’re hard at work, mixing dirt, keeping everything nice and wet so it compacts well. And like I said at the end of the day everything will look nice and flat.

Next Steps for this Poway Custom Home

They have about another day to a day and a half of cleaning things up. After that, we’ll work towards getting all of our utilities hooked in the street here, the sewer and water, and getting the driveway approaches poured so that we can move forward with the foundation. Thanks for watching! We’ll keep you updated as things progress, have a wonderful day.

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