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Foundation Trenching & Rough Grade | Freeman Custom Home

Custom Home in Ramona, CA

Good morning, everyone. This is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. It is Saturday morning, September 26. Today’s an exciting day. We are here at this piece of ground in Ramona that we’re building a house on for my family. Today, we are digging the footings for the foundation. Also, all the plumbing trenches will all be roughed in. I want to show you what’s happening here and take you through the process.

Project Update for Freeman Home  

So, let’s take a look. Here we are looking at the house. I’m standing in one of the bedrooms. We have Zeke joining us over here this morning, supervising. I Also have here with me my good friend, Dan, he’s the form master, helping out today and helping me set all the forms and get everything dug right. It looks like the foreman parked her truck on site. You know what? She just thinks she owns the place or something. Maybe she’ll be out later to tell us what to do. But… I got a little bit dug earlier this week and we’re going to finish digging the rest of this. We should have it knocked out in a few hours.

Foundation Footings & Load Bearing Supports

Let’s go, I just want to show you the floor plan here of what we’re doing. I’m standing in the master bedroom area or master bathroom area right in here. So what we’ll do is we’re going to dig all the perimeter footings for the foundation today. There’s really only two interior footings. We have one here under this wall and we also have one here under the wall that separates the garage from the house. That’s a pretty simple foundation to dig and set up. There’s a couple of pier footings under here. I’ll show you those on the ground as well. So anywhere where there’s a lot of load bearing support you have those. So these two right here, there’s a big girder truss that spans. And, obviously, the front and back porch have them as well. So those will get dug, you can see those right there. There are those larger pier footings that we will also dig.

Underground Plumbing Layout

This highlighted portion is the underground plumbing layout. So it’ll be fun, I’m going to be tackling this myself with, obviously, a lot of help from the plumbers that we work with to do all of our homes. But they were kind enough to help me lay it out. That’s what we have been working on the last couple of days is getting this all laid out. This is where the underground plumbing will go. The numbers you see are the depth. Everything’s set up with at least a minimum, 1/4 inch per foot fall. That picks up where we started. There’s the garage sink, kitchen sink and all the utilities that drain in the kitchen and the laundry room right in here. Then most of our plumbing happens back in here. This is the guest bathroom, toilet and tub right in there. And the master bathroom tub and toilet and sinks are in this area. So, the septic tank is right over there under the yard. 

Freeman Custom Home 

So, we should be making good progress today on this. I’ll do another video once we finish up today I’ll send a few photos just to show you what happened, and we’ll go from there. Thanks for watching and have a great day.

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