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Real Building Cost Examples | San Diego County


All costs updated as of 5/7/2021

What Will We Cover?

We’re going to be covering the actual costs of five different projects that Freeman’s Construction Inc has built. These five project examples will cover:

  • Square Footage of the Home
  • Actual Costs to Build the Home

How to View These Project Examples

These Real Building Cost Examples are part of Freeman’s Construction Inc 10-page downloadable ebook the “Custom Home Building Cost Guide”. When you download the ebook you’ll be able to click on the photos of the project examples and it will take you to the specific job in our project gallery. On the project page, you will find:

This will allow you to get an idea of what that home looks like as far as the level of finishes and the layout.

How to Calculate Actual Costs to Build

3% to 5% + Permits & Fees + Site Costs + Build Costs = Actual Costs to Build Your Home

By doing this we will get an accurate rough number that will give us a very good idea of what we can build so that you can stay within your budget. Once we do this we can start the design process and get things moving with your plans and get your home built.

Actual Costs to Build Examples


Project #1: $442,723

4 – Bedrooms
2 – Bathroom
2,226 sq.ft. – Living Area
576 sq.ft. – Garage
532 sq.ft. – Covered Porch
Average – Level of Finishes

Project #2: $483,609

4 – Bedrooms
2 – Bathrooms
2,189 sq.ft. – Living Area
540 sq.ft. – Garage
312 sq.ft. – Covered Porch
Average – Level of Finishes


Project #3: $541,380

4 – Bedrooms
2 – Bathrooms
2,226 sq.ft. – Living Area
953 sq.ft. – Garage
730 sq.ft. – Covered Porch
Average – Level of Finishes

Project #4: $773,958

4 – Bedrooms
2 – Bathrooms
2,939 sq.ft. – Living Area
1,144 sq.ft. – Garage
460 sq.ft. – Covered Porch

Custom – Level of Finishes
Custom finishes are going to be a step up from your average finishes. Project #4 has a large chef kitchen, butler pantry, a couple of dishwashers, as well as some upgrades in the laundry room, master bathroom, and an indoor/outdoor retractable glass wall.


Project #5: $1,831,760

5 – Bedrooms
3.5 – Bathrooms
4,299 sq.ft. – Living Area
1,144 sq.ft. – Garage
714 sq.ft. – Covered Porch

Upscale – Level of Finishes
Project #5 is going to have upscale finishes which is like the custom finishes just a step up. This project has a lot of open beams, stone veneer on the exterior of the home, as well as custom wood floors, cabinets, and tile work.

Working with a Design-Build Contractor

Design-Build Contractors like Freeman’s Construction Inc. are building projects every day. This makes it possible to accurately figure all of the costs for the project including plans, permits, site costs, and build costs on the front end before starting the design process so that you can ensure the home you are building will fit your budget and your needs.

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More Information for When You're Planning to Build a Custom Home!



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