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Underground Plumbing | Freeman Custom Home

Freeman Custom Home in Ramona, CA

Hey everyone, it’s Brandon Freeman, with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here in Ramona, at the lot that we are building a home for my family and I. So I just want to give you a little bit of a job update, on what we have going on here. We just passed our underground plumbing inspection. That’s an exciting day, especially since I did it myself. So a little bit nervous, but we passed so we can keep rockin’ and rollin’, moving forward with the foundation.

Grading, Trenches & Footprint Update

Now, I just want to show you around and give you an update. All right, so we are looking here at the front bedrooms, this is going to be my daughter’s bedroom. My good friend, Dan, is over there working on the skid-steer doing all the grading. So, I lied in my last video and said I was going to give an update at the end of the day of what we accomplished, but I was so worked, I didn’t want to do anything but lay down after running the shovel all day, and Dan was digging the trenches. So here we are, a couple of weeks have passed since. We’ve worked a couple of weekends, as far as setting all the forms, we got all the forms set around the house, and now you can see a much better outline of the footprint of this home

Underground Plumbing Inspection

So like I just said, we just passed the underground plumbing inspection. What they’re looking for when they come to do that is:

● The system is sized correctly
● Right size pipe in the ground
● Right fittings
● You don’t have any leaks

That’s a big, big factor right there. So like I said, this was something that I wanted to tackle myself to try to save every bit we can on this project since it’s our own home and it’s paid off. So it feels really good to pass that.

Bathroom Layout in Freeman Custom Home

We’re looking here at the master bathroom. Shower on the left in the back corner, tub on the right, and sinks will be there. Let me back up here a bit. This is going to be the kids bathroom and guest bathroom. Toilet there in the lower left, all the vents for fixtures and here is the tub. Then, a drain for the sinks. So, ABS glue ruins clothes, I learned that. I think I ruined about three T-shirts, and two pairs of pants on this project. So, I definitely saved some money, but I spent way more in fittings that I needed to. It’s always a learning curve when you do this, but everything has the correct flow, no leaks, and all the vents are coming up right where the walls will be. So we shouldn’t run into any surprises, once we snap this thing out then we have a foundation. If we do, then I can’t blame anybody but myself, right?

Next Project Update

We probably have another week and a half, two weeks of grading this thing out, then do all the steel, which is the next process. You can see here we have sand, and then there’s a vapor barrier underneath that plastic; Visqueen plastic goes down, so we grade the sand out just four inches below the final grade because we have four-inch slab. And we can start tying all of our steel in the footings and also the mat, it’s going to go on top. So the next video, should we have quite a bit of steel down we can keep moving forward from there. And then we will not be too far off from getting some concrete in the ground. Then, again she’s been anxious to get back on it. She’s part of the foreman’s. She parked her truck here again. So she may be out later to check in and make sure we’re making good progress. So we’ll keep you updated. Thanks for watching, and have a great day.

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