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Foundation Pour | Rancho Bellena Metal Building

5,000 Square Foot Metal Building

Good morning, this is Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here East of Ramona and we’re pouring a foundation for a 5,000 square foot metal building. The concrete finishers are using a big boom pump. This allows us to navigate all the way around the foundation without having to drag hoses everywhere. It makes for a much more efficient and clean job without tearing up any forms. This job has so much square footage that it requires a lot of manpower to finish the pour. We have trucks arriving every 15 minutes, in fact, you can see one truck pulling out right now and a new one is backing up. The pump guys can actually take two trucks up to that pump and unload both trucks at the same time. So, this concrete job will be completed today and then we will saw cut the slab tomorrow morning. After we cut the slab, we’ll start erecting the building, which will be onsite next Monday.

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