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Julian ICF Custom Home | Systems Used for Building an Energy Efficient Custom Home

North Peak, Julian Custom Home

Merry Christmas, everybody. This is Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. I’m up here in Julian on this vacation home that we’re building up in North Peak. I wanted to show you a couple of different systems that we don’t typically do here in San Diego County. So let’s go up by the house and I’ll show you what I’m talking about.

DensGlass Fire Protection | ICF Custom Home

Okay. I’m up here at the top right now, next to the building. And you can see the DensGlass that is going up on the soffits up at the top, this is the fire resistive waterproof drywall that we put up. This will protect the home in case of a fire, along with the metal cladding that’s going over the entire outside of the building. The DensGlass cover over this zip wall sheeting that we have on the exterior too.

Zip System | ICF Construction

What I really want to show you is the zip system that we put on, which is a waterproof membrane and air barrier, so no air moves in and out of the house. We’re able to control the climate inside the house very well. So I’m going to show you a piece of this material that I have right here. As you can see, a little hard to see here, but this is an OSB product that we use for a shear panel. What they do is they put this waterproof coating on the outside, so it doubles as our shear panel and then also our waterproofing and air barrier on the building. Then what we do is we come back and we cover all the seams with a tape and/or a liquid flashing, which you can see a liquid flashing that’s right along the window.

Passive ICF Julian Custom Home

I’m going to back up here so you can see a little bit better. If I don’t fall over myself. So you can see every seam is taped and/or caulked, and we also use stretch flashing in areas where we have to go around our electrical box or an exterior shower that’s going in. This is a very passive house. It’s set up to take advantage of the sun. Even the overhangs are designed at different lengths on different sides of the home to take advantage of the angle of the sun during the different seasons of the year.

Benefits of ICF Construction | Julian Custom Home

We’re getting it all waterproofed right now as the weather is starting to get bad up here. I’ve moved over to the other side of the house on the lower level, because I wanted to  show you the ICF construction that we have down below. This house, you can see it’s buried into the side of the mountain. So the lower level daylights out. You can see the door up there at the end of the scaffolding, just back behind that, it’s buried into the side of the hill. So this is a foam block that’s filled with concrete, it has an eight inch core. Highly efficient as far as keeping the cold and the heat in. It works fantastic for retaining walls and anything subterranean. In addition to just being a super, highly efficient home, even if you’re building it on a flat lot. We do a lot of these and they’re really nice, quiet and comfortable homes.

Building an Energy Efficient ICF Custom Home

Again, you can see the zip sheeting, how we tied it in, and then we’ve even caulked all this in. You can see at that edge where we’ve caulked to eliminate any air seeping in or out of the home so it can be conditioned very passively and use very little energy. It’s really critical to have a very efficient home. Especially since this system has no electricity at all. It’s a completely off the grid system. Solar panels, batteries, and generator backup.

Stretch Flashing & WaterProofing | ICF Custom Home

You can see the flashing that we’ve put around the windows. This is also a zip product. It’s a stretch flashing. You can see how we stretch it right around the window. This joint will actually get filled with the caulking and then another layer of flashing will go onto this wood and then wrap around back here, and then we’ll have Tie Deck wrap around that as a water barrier.

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to wish everybody a Merry Christmas, and thank you for working with Freeman’s Construction this year. We look forward to many more clients to come and are very grateful for the work that you have entrusted us with. Have a Merry Christmas. Thank you.

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