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Poway Custom Home & ADU | Framing Day 1

Poway Custom Home and ADU Framing

Good morning, everyone. This is Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m back here at this job in Poway. We are building a brand-new custom home and ADU. We have our framing crew here, eight carpenters today. They’re bringing together all the walls, and they will stand most of them up today. They will finish up tomorrow. I want to show you what’s happening on this project. Let’s look around.

The Production Framing Process

Here at the front of the house we’re building a really nice, covered entryway. Before this large crew shows up, all this plating is prepped, the bottom plate and top plate, and they detail everything, which you can see from these marks where the studs go, which are the corner posts, the size of them, and everything else.

They nailed the top plate and the bottom plate and marked through their lines so that when these guys show up to raise the walls, everything’s marked out, and the crew can just take that top plate off, put it on the other side of the lumber, and go to town nailing. Let’s walk in the house here and I’ll show you some of the walls being built. It’s noisy here, a good sound of production. All these walls are built laying down and once they’re ready to stand them up, everyone comes over, spreads out and lifts. All the plating, detailing, and window boxes are completed prior to the crew showing up. The first couple guys simply lay those out, and then anyone else starts nailing lumber together.

This is the master bedroom for the ADU. The crew will probably stand that portion up first, the walls are just about done there. This is for the back of the main house. We have a large 16-foot stacking door that goes right there where the guy in green is standing. There’s also an extremely large header that they will install. That there is the three-car garage. These beams are manufactured with a crown in them and stamped, which side is the top. The crown always faces up, which eliminates any potential sagging. There is a lot going on here, but by the end of today, this job will look a lot different. Most of these walls will be standing. I will film a follow up video to this one, to show the progress that can occur in one day. Today is an exciting day and the owners are thrilled to see their new home going up.

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