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Blossom Valley Accessory Dwelling Unit | Grading

Blossom Valley ADU

Good morning. I’m Bill Freeman with Freeman’s Construction. We’ve started a new project here in El Cajon in the Blossom Valley area.

Today we are grading the pad. We should complete this pad today. We are going to build an Additional Dwelling Unit on a property that has an existing home. The main dwelling is located up above and we’re putting the Additional Dwelling Unit down here on the lower part of the property.

The Keyway

The grader pushed all the pad out. The keyway is a little hard to see from here, but he dug down and put in what we call the “keyway” down to the hard ground underneath. The soils engineer then looks at that keyway, and after approval we start filling it back up and compacting the dirt as we fill it up. The engineer takes soil tests as we go.


You can see where he’s laying the dirt right now. They wet the ground during the backfill to get the soil to the right consistency for proper compaction. They fill the dirt in lifts as they bring the grade up and pack it down. They repeat this process until we reach the desired level that the pad balances out.

Many owners are building ADUs throughout the county. ADUs are a great way to enhance your property and put something in for a family member or rental opportunity. They are versatile structures.

If you would like more information on buying or selling land visit our website at realpropertytv.com.

Have a great day and Happy New Year



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