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Poway Custom Home & ADU | Framing Day 2

Framing Project

His everyone, I’m Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here at a brand-new custom home for an ADU project in Poway. You can see the progress on the framing behind me. In the last couple videos, I’ve been explaining the floor plan, and now it’s a lot easier to see it. I want to walk you through a tour of what’s happening here, let’s take a look.

I’m going to show you the floor plan and it all starts here in front of the entryway. Some of the foundation is still exposed here. These patio posts will tie in with the porches. Let’s head inside through the front door.

Guest Bedrooms and Great Room

This is a four-bedroom house. The guest bedroom is off to my right. This guest room will have a barn door style entry. We have an open floor plan here with vaulted ceilings in the great room. The ceiling height is 10 feet, and the doors rise to eight feet. The fireplace will be framed right over here. You can see these floor receptacles in the foundation. We typically install these as we work with our clients and if they know their furniture layout, we mark out where those floor receptacles need to be, so they fall underneath where the couches are going to go. It works out nicely for end tables and things like that, so you don’t have to string cords across walkways or anything like that.

The Stacking Slider and Kitchen Area

This large opening has a large header that goes across to make room for a 16-foot-wide stacking door. It’s going to stack towards the right of the camera. The total opening equates to 12-feet wide when they’re all stacked to one side. Each panel is four feet wide. This exterior fireplace is getting framed now. All the fireplaces get installed in about two-three weeks. Off to my left is the kitchen area. An island cabinet will be installed right there. This is the dining room with the sliding glass door on the left side. Many windows take in their backyard and enjoy that covered patio area.

The Intermediate Room

Over here we have an intermediate room. This room functions like a butler’s pantry or mudroom, in between the garage and the kitchen. This is a walk-in pantry. Let’s head over to the bedroom areas. A few arches will be installed in these hallways. This is framed extra tall to incorporate the arches, which the carpenters frame in later. Arches will be located over where I just came from, by the butler’s pantry, here in the hallway, and near the master bedroom.

“Plumb and Line” Bracing

These diagonal boards in each room act as temporary bracing. At this point in construction, the framers do what’s called “plumb and line.” They make sure all walls are plumb, which means vertically level, and then they align the walls straight. They pull string lines on the walls to make sure they are straight, running along the side. They anchor the braces to either the concrete or another existing wall adjacent to that wall. We can’t anchor to the concrete in the garage because that’s a finished floor, but we can anchor out in the open, so that’s what all this is.

The bracing comes down after they install and nail all the sheer panel and trusses, which you can see on the ADU over there. Those two items lock the walls into place and prevent any movement. This area is the master bathroom. There’s going to be a tub right here, centered on this window and a shower over here. Then you’ll walk in through here to this water closet area, also known as a toilet. Finally, you walk into a nice large walk-in closet. In the bedroom, there is this sliding glass door opening that goes out to the backyard.

Split Level

I’ll show you the locations of the other bedrooms. Down this hallway we have these steps, which I talked about in earlier videos. The reason we have these steps is to avoid getting a grading permit on this lot. The city of Poway wanted us to get a grading permit if we graded this lot all on the same level. This significantly increases costs. Making this a split-level house circumvented that requirement. That’s why these two bedrooms and bathroom are at different levels than the rest of the house. Right here we have the laundry room in between the bedrooms. Let’s head down to our first bedroom. Both bedrooms have small walk-in closet areas. This bathroom serves both bedrooms.

Structural Prep

At this point in the framing, the framers are completing all the plumb and line. Every hold-down, anchor bolt, every nut, all structural aspects are installed. You can see a hold-down there. All those play a part in the structural strength of this house. The inspector looks closely at all those items during our combination frame inspection. Since wood absorbs water and expands and contracts in different temperatures and humidity, we always check those right before we get inspection and before we enclose the walls with drywall.

Trusses and Rough Trades

The trusses arrive in a few days and that’ll be an exciting process. The crane will arrive to stack all the trusses and the home really takes shape during that process. I’m satisfied with our progress on this project, we’re moving along well. The guys will sheet the roof shortly after the trusses are installed, and hopefully we can get the roof dried in before another big storm arrives. All the rough trades will begin after all that. Rough trades include HVAC, electrical, plumbing, our low voltage, and fire sprinklers.

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Thanks for watching and we will keep you updated as this job moves forward. Have a great day.



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