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Poway Custom Home & ADU | Framing Day 2

Poway Custom Home & Accessory Dwelling Unit

Hey everyone. It’s Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here in Poway at this brand new custom home, an ADU project that we’re working on. You can see behind me that the house is being framed, so we’re making good progress with that. In the last couple of videos I’ve been explaining the floor plan and running but it’s a lot easier to see it now. I want to walk through the house and show you what’s happening here.

Exterior Entryway & Patio

We’re standing in front of the house at the entryway. I’m going to show you the floor plan. You can see some of the foundation still, that is where the patio posts are going to tie in. Those haven’t been built yet but will probably be in the next few days.

Great Room Layout | Poway Custom Home

This is a four-bedroom house. The guest bedroom is off to my right. It’s going to be a barn door style door on this. As you walk in the house it’s going to have vaulted ceilings in the great room, so it’s going to feel massive and extremely roomy when you walk in. This house also has 10-foot-tall ceilings with eight-foot doors. It’s going to feel really large, it’s an open floor plan as you walk in the front door. This is the great room, as I said, there’s going to be a nice fireplace framed in. You can see these floor plugs in the foundation, we typically do this as we work with our clients and if they know the layout of what their furniture is going to be, we lay those out, so they fall underneath where the couches are going to go. It works out really nice for end tables and things like that, so you don’t have to string cords across walkways or anything like that.

Patio & Kitchen Layout | Poway Custom Home

In this large opening, you can see what the header across there, that’s going to be a 16-foot-wide stacking door. It’s going to stack towards the right of the camera there. It’ll be a 12-foot-wide opening because they’re all stacked to one side. There’s four, four-foot panels, so it’ll be a 12 foot wide opening out here into their covered patio area, which has another fireplace. You can see that framed in right there. Those will get installed in about two, two and a half weeks. Over here off to my left is the kitchen area. There’s going to be an island right there. This is the dining room with the sliding glass door there on the left side, lots of windows here to take in their backyard and enjoy that covered patio area.

Butlers Pantry & Arched Hallways

Over here, off to my left, this is an intermediate room. It’s like a butler’s pantry or mudroom, as it’s called sometimes, in between the garage and the kitchen. This is a walk-in pantry. Let’s head on over into where all the bedrooms are at. There’s going to be some arches in these hallways. You can see this is framed extra tall, that’s to incorporate the arches, that gets framed in at a later time. Also, over there where I just came from, where the butler’s pantry, mudroom area is, there will be an arch there as well. Also, another here into the hallway, this is a hallway going into the master bedroom area.

Plumb & Line Process

You see all these diagonal boards in the rooms, what that is acting as bracing. So, the framers will come in here. At this point, they do what is called plumb and line, which they make sure the walls are all plum, which is straight up and down vertically and then they align them. They pull string lines on them to make sure they are straight side to side. So, what they do is they nail these boards off, they anchor them either to another existing wall adjacent to that, or if the room is large, like this great room you can see here, they shoot it into the concrete. We cannot do that in the garage because that’s finished floor, but we can do that out in the open. The bracing will come down after all the sheer paneling goes on, which you can see it’s on the ADU over there, and once the trusses go on, because those two items lock the walls into place, and then they won’t be able to move from there. But until then, you’ve got to be really careful walking through here or you’ll close it on yourself and get an early nap and wake up sometime later.

Master Bathroom Layout

So this, where we just walked into, is the master bathroom. We just walked out of the bedroom. We’ll walk back in there, just show you around here. This is a sliding glass door going out into the backyard. Now we’ll go into the bedroom. So there’s going to be a tub right here, centered on this window and a shower over here. Then you’ll walk in through here, water closet area, also known as a toilet. And then you walk into a nice large walk-in closet.

Split Level Floor Plan | Why Would You Have One?

We’ll go back out through here, show you where the other bedrooms are going to be. So you’ll continue on down this hallway, down these steps. I talked about in earlier videos, the reason we have these steps is so that we didn’t have to get a grading permit on this lot. The city of Poway wanted to have us get a grading permit if we made this lot all the same level, which costs quite a bit more, so the way around that was to make it a split level house. So that’s why these two bedrooms and bathroom are at different levels than the house. Right here is also the laundry room in between all these bedrooms. Let’s head down here. This is our first bedroom here. Little walk-in closet area through there. Another bedroom here also, a little walk-in closet. And then the bathroom that will serve both of these bedrooms.

Combination Frame Inspection

So at this point in the framing, as I mentioned, all the plumb and line is getting done. All the hold-downs and anchor bolts, all the nuts for the anchor bolts are getting installed. You can see a hold-down there. All those play a part in the structural strength of this house, make sure all this engineering meets up. That’s something that when the inspector comes to do our combination frame inspection, they look real closely that all those hold-downs are in and they’re tight. A lot of times, those things will end up loosening up because wood absorbs water and then it obviously gives it back as it differs in temperature and humidity, so we always check those right before we get inspection and before the walls get closed up, because they can loosen up as the wood shrinks down.

Rough Trades Are Next!

So we got trusses showing up in a few days and that’ll be an exciting process. The crane will be out here stacking all these trusses and you’ll really get to see the shape of this home come along. We’re moving along really good here. Like I said, trusses are coming, the roof will be sheeted shortly after that and hopefully we can get the roof dried in before we get another big storm. And all the rough trades will be coming in between all that, which is HVAC, electrical, plumbing, our low voltage, fire sprinklers. A lot is going to start taking place here in the next few weeks. Thanks for watching and we will keep you updated as this job is moving forward. Have a great day.

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