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Poway Custom Home & ADU | Framing Day 3 – Trusses

Process for Installing Trusses

Hey everyone. It’s Brandon with Freeman’s Construction. I’m here in Poway at this brand new custom home, an ADU project that we’re working on. You can see behind me that the house is being framed, so we’re making good progress with that. In the last couple of videos I’ve been explaining the floor plan and running but it’s a lot easier to see it now. I want to walk through the house and show you what’s happening here.

How Are Trusses Transported

You can see the flat part on the truss roof line but not on top, the reason for that is these trusses are so tall, fully built, we wouldn’t be able to transport them from where they’re made to here. So they have to flip the tops of them off and put those on separately. Makes for a lot of extra work but it’s, really, the only option. So you can see the tops right there, all stacked up.

Framing Process | Poway Custom Home & ADU

The framing process, how it works is:

  1. All the plating and detailing on the walls are all framed.
  2. All the walls get plumbed in line, which means all the corners get straightened out, to make sure everything is leveled and squared. You can see all those diagonal, temporary bracings inside, that’s what all that is about.
  3. The building gets wrapped in a sheer paneling, which is the plywood you see on the outside of the house.
  4. What happens after that is what you’re seeing now, the trusses get delivered. Those get checked.
  5. Then the roof gets sheeted. All the plywood gets nailed down to the roof. The fascia starts getting hung, which is a board that wraps from the bottom roofline, and the trusses, that gets done next.

And once that’s all done, and the roof gets sheeted, that ties everything together structurally. So all the temporary bracing that you see will all come down at that point.

Rough Trades Are Next!

When the framing process is completed we can get all of our rough trades in to start their work, which is:

  • Electrician
  • Plumber
  • HVAC Guys

All the low voltage goes in at that point. The cabinet maker’s already been here to do all of his measurements, and the cabinets are being designed right now. So that’s all underway.

I’m going to shut this off for now. It looks like they’re having to rearrange a few things. I’ll fire back up once we get these things in the air.

Trusses for Custom Home & Attic

All right, we are back online here. We’ve reduced the number of trusses we’re lifting up, probably by about half. I guess, it was just too big of a load. If you look closely at the middle of those trusses, you can see the first few don’t have any vertical or diagonal webbing. Those are part of some attic trusses that… basically, a room up on the attic. So that’s what that is. It all gets factored in when they design and build these trusses.

Walking On Walls Of A Poway Custom Home

I really should have hopped up on these trusses. I would’ve got a heck of a view. Maybe on the next load. It’s Friday, so I would have the weekend to recover if I fell down. So, it wouldn’t be a problem. Let’s go walk on over here. These guys make walking around on top of these skinny walls look easy.

Laying Out & Nailing Trusses

The trusses get laid down in order of how they get stacked. One at a time, they get laid out and nailed off. All right. We’ve got plenty of work to do here. This could go on for a while. So thanks for watching. We’ll do a follow-up video once these all get stacked, you can see the finished product. Have a great day.


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