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Facing Challenges In The Mountains | Julian ICF Custom Home

Checking up on our Julian ICF House

Good afternoon. Bill Freeman here with Freeman’s Construction. Today is Thursday, I came up to check on our job in Julian. I think Tuesday was the last day it snowed, but boy, it sure left a lot up here. There’s probably eight to 12 inches and I just came up to make sure nothing blew away or leaked on our ICF project. Everything looks good other than a lot of snow on the ground, so hopefully, this next rain will come and wash it away.

Navigating Weather Conditions

This is a vacation home we’re building on the west side of North Peak. You can see we’ve got the roof on now and we just got the job insulated right before the storm came in. These are some examples of how the weather is affecting our build schedule:

  • We have steel sticking up waiting for the block walls to be installed.
  • We have a little more framing on a storage area to complete.
  • We have some scaffolding to remove on the other side.
  • Once we remove the scaffolding, we can get into that area to build those walls and the floor.

As soon as these site conditions clear up, we can get going again.

The Joy of Building in the Mountains

The road was plowed for just one lane getting over here. In fact, I am the first one up here and I haven’t seen anyone since I arrived. I tried to get part way up the road but couldn’t make it, even in four-wheel drive, so I decided to walk instead of putting my chains on.

We have another storm coming in tonight and I am not sure if it’s going to be a snowstorm or what, but for now, it is just absolutely beautiful. I enjoy coming up here and just getting to see snow everywhere, as far as you can see.

Next Steps for this Vacation Home

We installed the windows already and will move forward on the exterior cladding here as soon as the weather gets better and things dry up a bit. In the meantime, have a great day, and come up to enjoy the snow with the rest of San Diego this weekend.

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