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Framing the Freeman Custom Home in Ramona, CA

Touring the Freeman Custom Home at the Framing Stage

This is Brandon with Freeman’s construction, and today I am here in Ramona at our place we’re building. I want to give you a job site update. Today is a little wild as we got some snow and a massive amount of hail. It creates an interesting work environment. San Diegans are not used to stuff like this. We started this place while sweating in about 110-degree weather, working on the foundation. Now we are in the middle of January and the place is not only flooded, but there’s all this white stuff in the walls and on the floor and I’m not sure what to think. The temp is a bitter 40 degrees, and I’m sure the entire Midwest and East Coast would be laughing at us, but we’re going to press on and walk through the layout of our build anyway. I’ll be touring our:

  • Guest bathroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Master Bedroom
  • Great Room
  • Dining Room
  • Kitchen (hopefully this is the only flood our kitchen will experience

Airing it Out

The storm left us with lots of water in the house. I am working on getting it all pushed out to give the house the best possible chance of drying out before we move forward.

We have yet to start the roof sheeting and I am glad. This rain would have saturated the OSB (roof plywood) on the roof above our vaulted ceilings. The ceiling almost reaches 14 feet at the peak.

A Structural Necessity - Sheer

Sheer transfer is critical in California and our framers left these stacks of sheer boxes to install in between the trusses that cross our sheer walls perpendicularly. These go in each bay and get your paneling to extend all the way to the top of the roof.

Although we don’t really know what this weird white formation is on the ground here in San Diego, the wind gets strong up here. We will dry in the house with building paper and complete the siding in a short time period. This short time frame will help prevent the wind from tearing off all the paper.

Selections – Finish Color

The fascia was installed about a week ago and now we have some finish color selections to finalize:

  • Stained Post and Beams – color needs to be decided
  • Main House – gray/blue color
  • Fascia – white
  • Roof – dark grey
  • Gable End Hardie Shingles – light grey

Next Steps

We need to get a roof on this build and once that is complete, we should complete the following trades in the next couple weeks:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Fire Sprinklers
  • HVAC

San Diego Snow

We’re starting to get some of that San Diego snow again and I don’t know if I’ll be able to hack it much longer. We’re making really good progress here and still shooting for a May move in date. We got about four months to make that happen, but for now, I better take cover. It’s getting really crazy here.

Thanks for watching. Have a wonderful day!

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